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  • Yoga course 130. Kriya yoga

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    - KRIYA YOGA -

    Estimated time for passing entire course: 12 hours 00 minutes

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    About the course "Kriya yoga"

    This course reviews many different aspects related to theory and practice of kriya yoga or dynamic meditation:

    • What is Kriya yoga?
    • What is the main goal of Kriya yoga
    • Meaning of "Kriya"
    • 4 yoga axioms - basic yoga theory
    • How Kriya yoga works?
    • Levels of Kriya yoga - Surface level of Kriya, Deeper level of Kriya
    • Benefits of Kriya yoga
    • Kriya and Karma, how to determine what kind of Karma we have
    • Kriya and Prana
    • Transformation - what to expect from the practice of Kriya yoga
    • Who are we - body, mind, soul?
    • Work with thoughts and emotions
    • Conditions for successful Kriya yoga practice
    • Work with our blind zones with Kriya yoga
    • Aspects of intellect and mind in our life
    • Source of happiness
    • Kriya yoga know-hows, aspect of here and now, aspect of the right moment
    • Source for studying Kriya yoga - ancient Treatise on Kriya yoga
    • Kriya yoga theory
    • Physical, subtle and causal aspects in Kriya yoga
    • Combining of Kriya yoga with other kinds of yoga: yes or no
    • Finding the inner rhythm
    • Exciting Tests, Homework for review of the course & Awarding Yoga Certificate
    • and many more

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