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  • Yoga course 120. Hatha yoga

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    Estimated time for passing entire course: 10 hours 00 minutes

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    About the course "Hatha yoga"

    • What is Hatha yoga?

    • Principles of Hatha yoga

    • The great secret behind simplicity

    • How to get prepared for Hatha yoga?

    • What is necessary for Hatha yoga practice?

    • Hatha yoga methods

    • Hatha yoga poses

    • Where to start?

    • 10-minute class of Hatha yoga for beginner

    • Closer look on one Hatha yoga pose – Cobra pose

    • Benefits of Hatha yoga

    • Yoga and modern lifestyle

    • Meaning of the term “ha-tha”

    • Some advanced level questions on Hatha yoga

    • Hatha yoga by Patanjali, one of the most ancient sources

    • Hatha yoga pose descriptions with PHOTOS

    • Ancient Hatha Yoga Narrative with photos – the most essential information you need to know about this teaching. All in one. Prime resource we recommend to follow. Text with multiple layers of meanings

    • Homework – your feedback about the course

    • Hatha yoga course CERTIFICATE

    • Possibility to forward to the next course for FREE.

    Course includes texts, video materials, tests, photos.

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    Hatha yoga poses - asanas

    In the West, with the word "yoga" we often understand Hatha yoga. If you ask people on the street what is yoga, the majority will tell you that yoga means different physical exercises for your body. The fact is that yoga of static exercises, called hatha yoga, was the most popular kind of yoga and is the one which has remained the most intact. In fact, there are as many kinds of yoga as there are different aspects of a human life.

    2nd Annual Yoga with Iululemon Athetica Hatha yoga is poses. What poses can they be? For example: sit down, straighten your legs and lift your body supporting the palms of your hands. That’s all! This is a pose of hatha yoga. It’s not difficult. You don’t have to fling your leg around your neck, to sit in lotus pose. Another one – bend your leg, cross it over another leg and twist over the crossed leg to another side but just according to your flexibility. Now let’s do this to the other side.

    So let’s begin. We believe it’s quite possible to explain complicated things in easy-to-understand terms even to fresh beginners so that a person making the first steps in yoga could get the essence of hatha yoga, realize its value as well as put it into practice in the daily life.

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