Treatise on hatha yoga

Just a few words about the Treatise of Hatha Yoga». The main point is the following: there is a script, where a young yogi (rajah, who lost his rajaship) fell in love with a girl, a highest yoga teacher, and she is teaching him yoga. There are many parts in the treaty, but only selected ones are currently translated. There is a note regarding nutrition in this treaty, advising to avoid extremes. If you were eating something before you started practicing yoga, you should continue eating the same. After some time, if you practice yoga correctly, you will start rejecting food which is not good for you, and eat what is good for you. Use the same principle of ahimsa – the body will let you know itself.

Adia asked: «Tell me, what does the word Hatha mean and how to understand it?»

The girlfriend replied: «HA – is farther, THA – is mother. HA – is mother, THA – is farther. HATHA – is their union, their baby.HA – the sun, THA – the moon, HA – the moon, THA – the sun. HATHA means eclipse.

HА means day, ТHА means night, HA – is night, THA – is day. HATHA means dawn and sunset.

HА means inhale, ТHА means exhale, HA – is exhale, THA – is inhale. HATHA means no inhale and no exhale, when inhale takes over exhale and exhale takes over inhale.

HА means vowels, ТHА means consonants. HA – means consonants, THA – means vowels. HATHA means mantra.

HA – is right, THA – is left. HA – is left, THA – is right. HATHA means the middle.

HA – is white, THA – is red. HA – is red, THA – is white. HATHA means sky-blue.

HA means to perceive, THA means to act. HA means to act, THA – to perceive. HATHA means to achieve the highest result.

HA – tension, THA – relaxation. HA –relaxation, THA – tension. HATHA – life journey.

HA – means pushing yourself, THA means letting yourself. HA – means letting yourself, THA means pushing yourself. HATHA – getting the highest achievement in your life.

What does it mean?

You heard a lot of allegoric comparisons. Now we live in a different period, so it is not so clear straight away. The main emphasis is to take two extremities and find the way in between, “to be on thin ice”. I am often asked what time of day is the best for practicing yoga. Read: «Ha - day, Tha- night, Ha – night, Tha- day, Hatha – dawn and sunset». When two extremities, dawn and sunset, balance each other, the channel to divine is opening and if it is opening there comes harmony and peace. And if you start practicing yoga at that time, you will achieve better results sooner.

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