Book - Treatise "Hatha yoga narrative"

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hatha toga book

Ebook - Treatise "Hatha yoga narrative"

Ancient secrets of yoga made plain and simple.

Hatha yoga guide - modern yoga book with 40+ yoga poses / asanas for beginners. + extra advanced yoga technics & practice!

How many yoga questions do you have?
Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced yogi, chances are there is still much for you to learn. Especially when it comes to Hatha yoga – the kind of yoga many people begin with when they decide to explore yoga for themselves.

Ancient hatha yoga text.
Hatha yoga – as unsophisticated as it might seem at first sight – has a profound background. Hatha yoga narrative by Open Yoga gives you the essence of this ancient text in an exciting and understandable way.

Best basic 60 yoga poses for beginners.
To help you put your knowledge into practice there are 60 photos of Hatha Yoga poses along with a short description and an impact for every pose. You are welcome to try every pose in the book and find the ones that suit you best. Listen to your body and let Hatha yoga help you gain better self-knowledge.

ISBN xxx-xxxx-xx-xxx-x
Published in 2017
XXX pages
Price 19,99€

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