The secret of yoga

So hatha yoga is a yoga that suggests we should take different poses and spend some time in them. We should practice feeling the harmony; one pose should change another one. There are some other factors but they are secondary. The first thing that is hard understanding of the mechanism – all the ancient myths and legends as well as modern book tell about a great power that can be reached by a human being through yoga practice. But the poses are so simple and there seems to be a contradiction. How can we reach such a fantastic effect just lying on the abdomen, bending our knees and holding legs with our hands? Without even making any effort, just lying. But it happens to be a secret in constitution of our body. It’s like a key that opens a door to great treasures. When we do these poses in harmony they pull off something insensibly but gradually we begin to feel the effect we did not even expect.

This is the most wonderful, the biggest secret of yoga. It says we can find the most mysterious and powerful things existing in the universe inside ourselves. But we have to find a way to this power. It is hatha yoga that allows us to reach it by doing different poses. We will also come to the topics relating to WHAT poses, WHEN and WHERE should we do.

Who invented yoga?

We cannot answer this question. It appeared long ago and there have been neither authors nor names kept. It happened due to certain reasons. The tradition wasn’t written down for a long time – it was transmitted orally. On the other hand it was not always proper to put author’s name. But we can definitely say that yoga is more than three thousand years old. Some people think it is more than five thousand years old and even more. It doesn’t matter actually. The most important thing is that yoga has survived. By the fact it existed for so long we can prove the perfect efficiency of this method. Lots of other systems – including the systems of self-exploration – have not come to our days. Yoga demonstrated itself to be such an indispensable system that it would be an unreasonable thing to refuse from it in the ancient times. So it was given from one generation to another generations and it has finally reached our days. Certainly there are names of some authors and Masters who have become famous at the later stages of the yoga. But we still don’t know where it came from. It is one of the most mysterious secrets in our history.

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