Kundalini yoga

If you hear the word “kundalini”, you should know this is the division of tantra yoga. Most likely, the true practices dealing directly with kundalini energy were selected from tantra yoga and named kundalini yoga. Basic energy of our body is laid inside of us. It is called kundalini energy. We don’t have two energies. We have the one and only energy.

All those energies which we reveal are in some kind kundalini energy emanations. Sooner or later we reach this energy and we get at our disposal an unlimited source of energetic prospects. If before we did not have enough strength to do something, now, when we reach kundalini energy, this problem doesn’t exist anymore. We have energy more than enough, even more than we are able to use and to put up with. This is why kundalini yoga is considered dangerous.

It belongs to so-called advanced or fast methods in yoga. You can reach and start using this energy very fast, but there is a risk that you can use it not for the right purpose and something can go wrong. It is recommended to study kundalini yoga under the control of the instructor.

Kundalini yoga in action

The action of kundalini yoga is the following. Being awakened the kundalini energy starts to dissolve all other energetic structures on the level of subtle and casual bodies. Physical body doesn’t have enough time to catch up this process that is why it usually doesn’t change. While inner structures are dissolving all the dirt floats to the surface and after kundalini energy «re-crystallizes» your clear structures. This is a quickly method to get rid of all unnecessary, but the danger is also big. There comes pain, if we hold to the dirt when it starts to melt. It only seems that we can easily refuse from our delusions, but when it is cut too quickly we think for hundred times do we really need this or not.

To avoid all this, other kinds of yoga come for help, including laya yoga, teaching us to say goodbye to all unnecessary. That is why it is better not to start with kundalini yoga.

What is the essence of kundalini yoga? When the energy placed in the basis of our body unites with consciousness in the crown of our head, the process of the Supreme Samadhi takes place automatically, Supreme Self gets to know itself and the aim of yoga is reached.

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