Laya yoga

Laya yoga is closely connected to kundalini yoga. It is based on principle: difficult in studying, easy in practice. Practicing yoga, especially when we start to use kundalini energy (even in its emanations), serious inner processes take place inside of us. This energy dissolves our structures, but we try to hold on to these structure because of our egoism. Thus, we have two opposite directions. From one side we want to get the supreme spiritual knowledge, from other side we hold to our ego.

Wrong perception

There is «dirt» which we want to get rid of, which is our wrong perception of ourselves, and there is other «dirt», which we want to keep and don’t let it go. Yoga doesn’t make any difference between «favorite» and «not favorite dirt». It is absolutely indifferent to it. This energy dissolves or washes out all dirt. If we grab to this dirt we get extremely painful inner conflict: with one hand we remove, with another we grab to it!

This is the reason why kundalini yoga is considered one of the most dangerous kinds of yoga. In laya yoga we dissolve all, which we hold to, using different practices, the majority of which are meditative practices. We replay in mind our weaknesses, such as jealousy, envy, hate and others, and dissolve them in our imagination first. After, when these weaknesses reveal themselves, we don’t grab to them so strongly and they leave us more painlessly.

Setting the direction

Before using the powerful force of kundalini energy we need to set the direction, which it will follow and will make the necessary «cut». Practicing laya yoga we draw the direction for the energy, when waken up, to follow the way which we need. There are many methods to dissolve our wrong self-descriptions, including some supplementary such as nada (sound) and yantra (forms). We shift something that we hold on to a sound or a form and this way forget these things which we held to. So, the main meaning of laya yoga is to think over which way the energy will follow, before directing it in real life.

Last modified: Monday, 6 June 2016, 10:32 PM