Contradiction between the first and second principles of yoga is possible. Level of conflict between them depends on your Karma. When you face it, just do your best to find a solution to comply with the First principle as much as you can and violate the Second principle at the least possible level. You should always try to choose an action, and a way of life to comply with the both of these principles. For one person it is easier, for other one it is more difficult – it is depends on person’s Karma. The more difficult it is to apply both of these principles at the same time the worse is your karma. But you should not be desperate about it. Just follow the way of your Dharma. When you find the best way to fulfill both main principles of yoga is your way of Dharma. Dharma - is a way of life that leads us to the highest heights of spiritual self-exploration. For yoga teacher, Dharma is teaching Yoga. Finding of your Dharma quickly is the greatest success.

Where is Dharma taking you?

If we follow the way of Dharma, we avoid problems that are caused by our negative Karma as much as possible, and at the same time, get joy and happiness from our positive Karma as much as possible. Moreover, following our Dharma, we simultaneously develop spiritually, self-exploration and get the opportunity to leave the plane of Karma - both positive and negative. Your Dharma determines your duty. Your duty determines your actions, your code of conduct and your internal code of honor.We all have had our own prehistory - thereby we all have different Karma. Accordingly, everybody has their own way in life. The most important thing in the life is to find own way. Sometimes other person’s way can give you an idea about your way, especially if it is the ways of yoga teachers. But at the same time, this ways may not be suitable for you at all.

The closed circle

Thus, the circle is closed:

  • The first and second principles of yoga lead you to understanding your Dharma.
  • Understanding your Dharma gives you understanding of your duty. Understanding your duty gives you understanding of the life goals and the right actions.
  • The right actions give you proper and useful results, it brings you to understanding the life better and better and you begin understanding the first and second principles of yoga better and better.

As long as you don’t understand the great power of the first and second principles of yoga, you can hardly understand your Dharma, your way in life, what is right and what is wrong for you, your duty, etc.

Understanding of yoga principles and Dharma.

But even if you do not fully understand these Principles, but start implementing these two principles in your life, then eventually you vaguely begin understanding your spiritual path and duty. And, step-by-step, it brings you to understanding of the principles of yoga. And so, passing a round by a round it makes a yogi wiser, happier and more successful. Your way to self-exploration starts with kindness to everything and happiness for everybody. If you want to become a yogi, you must answer the question: “Is yoga my Dharma?” You should answer to yourself first. And, please, remember, sometimes it takes time to understand it, don’t rush. But if your answer is "Yes", then go ahead and do it.

* Courses, lectures, texts, directives, circulars, instructions, guidelines and rules you will find here or anywhere else should never be contrary to "the First and the Second principle of Yoga." Courses, lectures, texts, directives, circulars, instructions, directions and rules that are contrary to "the First and the Second principles of Yoga," should be considered as false and irrelevant to Yoga.

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