The Second principle of yoga

You should also strictly adhere to the Second principle of yoga: "You should spend your energy and focus your consciousness only on the things which lead you to the goals that you have set for your work, school, leisure or yoga. Before you get involved in any task, ask yourself if it leads you to your goals - if not, then you should refuse from it as unnecessary.”

The second principle of yoga is the heart of the principle of Brahmacharya. The principle of Brahmacharya is the principle of using logic in daily life.

2nd principle or common sense

The Laws of the Universe are Supreme logical. Logic that we use daily is just a special case of the higher laws of the Supreme logic. But, at the same time, Supreme logic never contradicts logic. Our logic - it's just a special case of the higher laws of the Universe. But the Universe does not like when someone tries to use Supreme Logic, before logic and common sense level has been completed. You can spend your energy and focus your consciousness in many different ways. It is easy to waste the entire life on things that would never bring you towards the supreme logic. Yoga calls you always to use logic and common sense in your daily life. Yoga teaches you set your goal first, and then move ahead to a path which leads you to your goal. It is not only about how to achieve goals in yoga, it is about all goals.

First things first

With time if you follow this way you would get to supreme logic and intuition, which is more powerful than logic. But always remember you can reach the intuition level only if you have already sorted out the logic level. So first you apply logic wherever you can in your daily life and then you can get to the intuition as a reward.If you are offered something to do and spend energy on that, before getting involved ask yourself – Will it help me to achieve my goals? For instance, you are offered to watch a TV show. Ask yourself – Do I really need this TV show to achieve the goals I have set for myself? Or may be this TV show brings me just unwanted emotions like fear, aggression, insecurity or stupidity and I waste my time. If so, may be you could better turn TV off and go for a walk on fresh, spend time on a yoga mat or read instead.

Wrong goals and wasting of energy

It is better to set a wrong goal and achieve it using logic and common sense. Because the achieved goal gives you the experience and gives you a chance not to make the same mistake again. Instead, if you waste your energy on many goals at the same time and can’t finish tasks you started – you just put yourself deeper and deeper into suffering. Sometimes a person flounces from one goal to another without focusing on any goal at all and calls this process – intuition or supreme logic. But it is very easy to see the difference between the supreme logic and hallucinations: if you have a result – it is the supreme logic, if you don’t – it is a hallucination.

Sharpening of mind

Sharpening your mind and being able to use it perfectly are incredibly important. If a human beings wouldn’t do it, then we would be very close to animals. All human beings have lived millions of lives as different animals and since that time we have imprints of animal instincts, fears, aggression. If our mind is not sharpned, we often act illogically, like we were crazy and didn’t realize what we had done. We can fuss around with no reason, or feel sleepy, waste our time for stupid things. The longer you live like this the more difficult to change your life style. And soon your life turns into an eternal dream with eyes open. You should get rid of trash in your mind and leave the habit to live unconsciously and illogically. The second principle of yoga helps you to develop mind, act wisely, brings harmony to your life. Moreover you get a very useful habit – checking each of your action by logic and constantly ask yourself: am I right? Is it useful for me? Am I going in the right direction? Therefore, the second principle of yoga sometimes called the principle of application the logic in daily life.

Last modified: Sunday, 25 December 2016, 9:10 PM