by Anna Panasyuk -
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This month turned out to be aimed at the family. There was less physical practice . But she continued her training. We can say a break, rethink and hopefully start moving forward. But let there be some positives here;

1. The child has started the holidays, we have written a plan of what we will do. They chose a book to read, physical activity. In the evening we sat down to play chess or board games. We went ice skating. I met with friends, walked and played. 

2. My brother and his wife arrived. We decided to arrange an evening of modeling dumplings, joint work and pleasant company, and then delicious food. We had a great evening, had time to walk, chat, have a drink and eat delicious food. 

3. On my birthday, I gathered my friends online, created questions about me, found old photos. I plunged into memories, remembered kind, cute, funny moments from my childhood, summed up the results. And the main thing is that people close to me were there at that moment. 

4. We went to visit for dinner, there were grilled burgers and hot dogs with shrimp. It's very tasty, these guys always do great. And for dessert, boiled grated cocoa on almond milk with homemade Macarons.