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    In Yoga the concept of positive Karma and the concept of negative Karma are not a global opposition, and it is essentially the same thing, but with a different impact. Sometimes I hear that the purpose of Yoga is to get rid of negative Karma. No, the goal of Yoga is to get rid of bad Karma and good Karma and of the law of Karma in general, to be free from this law. And there is a question: how to bring it to life. Yoga says that there is a sequence: first, do good deeds, in order to neutralize the bad previous cases, and then when bad things are neutralized you can get rid of good Karma and a bad Karma at the same time.

    In this course you will learn about Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga is a very interesting kind of yoga, useful and practical, although at first glance it seems to be not quite yoga in the usual sense. There are no physical exercises required. The very word "karma" is rather popular nowadays, but people do not understand its true meaning. Yoga says that everybody has his own life conditions, or our karma. These conditions are the result of our actions that we have done before in the past. So karma is not something accidental, mystic, but it is a product of your previous actions. And when we say the word "karma", we must understand that first of all we mean the law of cause and consequence. The law of karma is the law of logic. So there is no force in the Universe that punishes us, we just receive the results of our previous actions. Karma yoga will help you to put attention on the areas where we do not act logically.

    This course consists of several steps:

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    Laws in our world

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    Seminar on Karma yoga


    In this step, you will learn that we are surrounded by many different laws, which we don’t usually notice. In this step, you will also learn what karma is, its meaning and features. You will see the role of the concept of time in the law of cause and the consequence. Then you will find out the connection between logic and the law of karma
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