Laws in our world.

We live in the world, where we face with what we known as laws. What kind of law it can be? For example, a law of universal gravitation. If you throw a sheet of paper, it will mandatory fall on the ground. Someone says that it is the law, someone says that it is a hallucination. But every law has a criteria - reproducibility. Let's suppose, that we do not know how this sheet of paper can act. But we have an opportunity to make an experiment. Let's really make sure that this law works. So I throw a sheet of paper, and we see where it flies.

I am letting it go. Where did it fly?

From the audience: Down.

Maybe it was a coincidence. Let's try with the second one. I let it go the second time. It fell down again. So, I can do it any number of times, and I get the same result. We have a phenomenon, when we can get the same result, and we call it «the law». That is, the law is something repeated. If we have all the conditions at the input, we get the same result at the output. It's the law. And there is a sufficiently large number of these laws in the place where we live. One of them is the law of universal gravitation. But if the sheet flies and falls on the ventilation, it is not going to fall.

Is it a violation of universal law of gravitation?

From the audience: No, it is not.


From the audience: This is another law.

Right. There is another law. We get a combination of two laws at the output. The horizon expands. That is, all the sheets fall on the ground, unless there is some other law, when the wind blows and makes this sheet to fly up. Another law acts without breaking the first, and the result is quite different: the sheet flies up instead of falling on the ground. But if we consider these laws individually, they do not depend on our willingness or unwillingness. For example, I do not want the sheet to fall down, but it falls down anyway. Or I do not want the sheet to fly up, but the fan raises it up. Well, I hope you got the idea of the laws in this world. And when we say the word «Karma», we must understand that it implies to the cause and the effect in the first place.

Karma is the law of the cause and the consequence. That is actually all. We could end our seminar at this point. The law of the cause and the consequence tells us, that every consequence has its cause, each result has a precondition that led to it. And this law of the cause and the effect is called Karma. The Karma has no substance. But we sometimes hear the expression "cleaning the negative Karma", and it seems to us like a person cleans up the dirt with a vacuum cleaner or with something else. When we hear "a lot of positive Karma", it seems to us that it can be measured in kilograms, grams, tons, or some other metric units. This is all nonsense, it's figurative expressions to explain something, but it does not reflect the subject matter. So there is the law of the cause and the consequence, which states that every effect has a cause. The fact, that a sheet of the paper fell down on the floor, is a due of the fact that I picked it up off the floor, and secondly, is a due of the fact that there is a universal law of gravity.

Now let's consider a more complicated aspect: what is the essence of the law of the cause and the consequence. Let's look at it in abstract way.

Why it did not happen other way around? Why it does not happen that the result is first, and only then the reason?

Example, a glass is on the table, then it falls and breaks, and you see a bunch of fragments. But we never saw the action in the opposite direction: the pieces suddenly gather together to form a glass, that jumps on the table and stands there.

From the audience: it may be in a cartoon, if you scroll film backwards.

Absolutely correct, if we turn back to motion picture film, we can see the opposite process. Any VCR or player can play back a movie from the end: we see happy end - boy and girl meet, and then go back to show how they came to this. But we can do it only with VCR, we have not seen such a situation in the life. Why? Because it does not happen in the life, we say. Because if we see it, it means that the time goes backwards.

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