Concept of time and concept of logic

Concept of time.

There is a different law, which is consequence of the law of the cause and the consequence. We see an obvious vector that the cause (reason) goes first, and then the result takes place, but there is never vice versa. And the law of the cause and the consequence comes to the concept of time. We get an interesting logical conclusion: the law of Karma i.e. the law of the cause and the consequence is very tightly bound to the concept of time. There is no consequence without a cause. And my small remark for diluting the heavy theory: the yoga says, that we have our living conditions, and we have all of them not by chance


They were formed by actions that we have done before. We have the life situation, which has not fallen from the moon into our life, it is generated by your previous actions.

When we talk about Karma, we understand it as the law of the cause and the consequence. The law of the cause and the consequence leads us directly to the concept of time, to the notion that time is not reversible.

Sometimes I hear such exclamations: «Why so?».

From the audience: Who is to blame?

Who is to blame? Why so? Now I turn on the TV: there are some growing economic problems, crisis. Let's see who is to blame, let's catch and punish them. But it looks as if all of them are white and fluffy, they are not relevant to this situation, at the moment luck has turned away from them. If we argue that we have some consequences without a cause, we say that the time is moving not forward, but to other way, to sideways. We cannot see this situation in life.

And now we come in touch with more terrible, harsh theory, very difficult to understand. We live here on the Earth, where really the reason goes first, and then the result comes. But maybe there are completely different laws somewhere far away, in the space, on the left of the nearest black hole or somewhere else. It may be the opposite somewhere in the deep space: the result comes first, and then the cause goes or something different. Yoga says in this regard: yes, we do not know all of the laws of the Universe, indeed. They can be very strange from our point of view, if the cause appears after the result or something else, but it is not observed in our world.

Yoga tells us the following: there are certain laws of the Universe, we do not know all of them. But there are special laws (sometimes referred to as Supreme Laws), And the law of the cause and the consequence in our world is a special case of the Supreme Laws. That is, the law of the cause and the consequence is not an absolute thing, it is not necessarily everywhere. But we observe it in our world as a plane of the law of Karma. And now I emphasize an important thing that help you to understand the meaning of Karma Yoga: we, indeed, live in the plane of the cause and the consequence, we all live in the plane of Karma, and it would be crazy for us, if it would be the opposite. But, there are more higher laws that do not contradict with the law of the cause and the consequence, and do not deny the law of Karma. But at the same time when these laws begin to act, it seems as if there was no Karma, or as if the law of the cause and the consequence does not exist.

Concept of logic.

I understand that it is a very complex theory for understanding, so let`s look from the other side. We have a notion of the logic, of the logical or illogical things. Imagine, that a man came to you and said: "Take a hundred dollar bill, burn it, and you get a lot of these bills, if you perform the certain ritual". Or let`s remember how Pinocchio went to the field of miracles in the land of fools, he buried three coins in the ground, watered them and waited for them to grow as a tree full of coins.

Well, what do you answer to that?

From the audience: mental hospital...

Well, yes, in fact, it is psychiatric diagnosis. Why? Because, obviously, your mind, your common sense will show that it is not logical. I buried the coins in the ground, and here the tree has grown with the money. How can it be? I have never seen this situation before. And why was there the money on the tree? Why wasn't there the oranges or the portraits of Presidents? And we intuitively start to divide all phenomena, which we face into logical and illogical. We pay attention to logical things and reject illogical things. If someone comes to us and says something that our common sense does not reject, we say «logical!» and consider it. If not, then we say «it is illogical».

Or the next example: the businessman come to me and say: "Give me million, I'll build a pipeline to the moon." I think about it and decide that it is illogical. How was he going to put the pipe across the sky? It will fall. And I say that this man told me something irrational, he behaved inadequately. I will not pay attention to him he really is a psychiatric patient. But if someone comes to me and says: "I know the future state of the market, there will be demand for rattles in the next year. If you buy the rattles today for a penny, they will rise in price tomorrow, and you will sell them for three dollars." If at the same time he give me a lot of papers, which is called a business plan, thoroughly described and justified, I will have the impression: "Yes, it is logical, yes, indeed, it is necessary today to buy these toys to sell tomorrow". Or maybe most various results.

We are facing with the notion of logic or illogic in our life. Conclusion: the concept of logic and illogic is reduced to the concept of the cause and the consequence. And the concept of the cause and the consequence is reduced to a concept of the linear extension of time and essentially to the concept of Karma. In other words: the law of Karma is the law of the logicality: as you sow, so shall you reap. This is the meaning of Karma. If we focus on you and me personally, we can say, that no one is blame to for all of our troubles. And we have just the things, that we have earned by our previous actions and nothing else. There is no evil genius, no doom, no evil force, that obstructs us, there is nothing like this in the Universe, because otherwise it would not be logical. Otherwise it would be contrary to the linear extension of time, if we get a result, but we did not do any initial action.

The first part of Karma Yoga says, that we live in a plane of Karma, where everything is logical, where any result is the result of the actions that we have done before. And we would put a full stop and calm down and be happy about that. It is really serious topic in our life - logics. But in fact, we do not use it always. I have not disclosed you anything new, you know this from the childhood, that our mind is developed but our mind is built in so complex and tricky way that some of the things in our life we see with the support of logic but some - not. Example: When we plan to invest money in a bank or enterprise, we try to be guided by the principles of strict logic. Meaning if the bank gives more interest and, if the bank is more reliable, we will deal with it.

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