The word 'yoga' is very popular nowadays. It is used in season and out of season in all kinds of senses and contexts. And modern people are puzzle-headed as to what 'yoga' really is.

Some think that yoga is weird people twisted like a pretzel and sleeping on a bed of nails. Some fear that yoga means retreat from the world, denial of everything for the sake of things unknown. Some confuse yoga with esotery and religion. Some associate yoga exclusively with the Hindu. For some yoga is just a healthy lifestyle, or sport, or fitness. Some regard yoga as a hobby that relieves boredom. For some people yoga is limited to the glossy yoga magazines with fashionable vegetarian diets. Thus, virtually everyone has their own vision of yoga. That's all fine, of course, except for one thing. The immense number of all possible individual visions has mixed with a mass of illusions. I.e., sometimes people consider something to be yoga whereas it is absolutely not.

In order to clean the fair name of yoga from all kinds of fiction and myths, from all the husk and false, we have to define the essence of yoga, and then everything will fall into place. The heart of yoga is kindness. It is love for the world, love for people. It is self-exploration and self-development. It is a strong family built on love, kinship and trust. It is strength. It is confidence. It is positivity. It is your own found path in life. It is success in all spheres of life. It is HAPPINESS and FREEDOM.

Introduction by Vadim Openyoga

Yoga is an ancient, very kind, very logical and harmonious system of self-exploration. The goal of yoga is very high: as a result of self-exploration one gets freedom from all the limiting factors.

As a consequence of acquisition of this freedom, there appear those miraculous abilities that yogis demonstrate when controlling their physical body or their mental and psychic powers, and that seem fantastic sometimes.

Thus, practicing yoga, one acquires a beautiful, strong, non-aging body, gets rid of stresses, develops their mental and creative abilities, learns to use latent psychic powers, but this is not the goal of yoga. All the above as well as a lot of other things are just a "free supplement" or a side effect from the practice of self-exploration.

It is important to add that only a system of self-exploration that leads you to the true unconditional freedom by means of exploring yourself and the Universe with the use of the principles of kindness and common sense can be called yoga.

Waste no time - study yoga! Explore yourself, explore the world, discover new opportunities in life, grow intellectually and spiritually, develop yourself comprehensively, succeed in all spheres of life, become the best of the best, dream and achieve. Yoga is a marvelous tool for fulfillment of all your fair ideas.

We truly wish you this,

School of Open Yoga

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