Prior to practicing mantra yoga, you should choose a suitable place for it. It is strongly advised to find a quiet, secluded place where no one will hear you and you would not be disturbed. In the early stages of mastering mantra yoga, it is helpful to do the exercises as loudly as possible, thus you should consider this issue very carefully as not to disturb other people. In addition, you should observe the principle of secrecy, in mantra yoga it is said that if you keep your practice to yourself, success can come much quicker. There are some exercises, some mantras with which it is very difficult to get a result unless you keep it a secret. And if you do not have a suitable place for practice, then practice wherever possible. Before the start of the practice it is highly recommended to take a bath, shower or simply rub yourself with a wet towel. It is also useful to keep silent for a while before starting the practice and after it. You can practice mantra yoga as long as you want. There are no restrictions for the duration. You can start with 15 minutes a day and gradually increase the time. Thus, you will find your time span.
You can do the exercises standing, sitting or lying down. It is better if your spine is straight. Do not be ashamed of your voice, do not try to make it more beautiful and harmonious, let it be natural. Moreover, sometimes it happens that the more brute and uglier you think your voice is, the stronger is the effect of the exercise. And, if you have an opportunity to learn the exercises under the guidance of a yoga instructor, do so. If you cannot find an instructor or if this instructor does not inspire confidence, begin to learn and practice the exercises on your own. You can try to practice with our video, using it as an instructor.
The mantra yoga science contains many secrets and nuances, impossible to cover in this video, therefore do not stop learning and reflecting on the hidden principles of mantra yoga. Believe me, it is really hard to understand the meaning of mantra yoga. A person who knows the principles of mantras, can be called jnana yogi, and this is a very high distinction. If despite of all attempts to understand the principle of mantra yoga, you do not succeed in it, do not get discouraged, and keep practicing all the exercises of this yoga, and you will get the results, regardless if you understanding the meaning or not. In mantra yoga, as in any yoga, the most important thing is an honest, continuous and consistent practice.

Last modified: Thursday, 6 June 2019, 9:11 PM