Increase flow of Prana and Pollution

There is an extension of the topic related to Artha yoga, which can be called the yoga of prosperity or money yoga. It is believed that the money is a surrogate for prana. If a person has a large amount of prana, then, roughly speaking, money is never a problem. In what sense? In the sense that this man is successful, always welcomed on highly paid jobs. Whatever is started is always effective. Therefore, if you want to get rich, it is necessary to increase the amount of prana.

The more prana you have, the greater will be your dominance in life. Therefore, you should not ignore the science of pranayama yoga. Do you know that if the body has no prana, this body is like a corpse, it is falling apart, no matter what? It is the same here.

By controlling the process of breathing, deciding to slow down or speed up the breaths, doing locks (bandhas) or making any special breathing exercises, we indirectly become aware of the flow of prana, which connects our gross body with our Higher Self. The more we become aware of this stream, and of our Higher Self, the more we begin to demonstrate our powers. It just manifests through an increase in the flow of prana.

Yoga is extremely logical doctrine. It is no less logical and consistent than higher math, where any provision is not taken out of nowhere but strictly concluded from the previous. Another thing is that we are not always aware of these calculations; we do not always understand the enormity of the ancient knowledge, grains of which have reached us, so sometimes there are some problems in this regard.

Our goal is to work with our breath, pay attention to it, practice regularly enough the known exercises, and thereby, as the ancient yoga teaches, we increase the degree of our vitality. If the degree of our vitality exceeds a certain critical level, then there is quite a paradox in terms of your skills or abilities. We have already mentioned things like health, wealth and domination in the world by people who have an excess of prana. But if an excess of prana exceeds a certain critical level, then suddenly you are surprisingly discover that your life is invaded by completely unknown physical, mental, spiritual phenomena, which up to then you never had.

If there is an increased flow of prana, your mind clears, your consciousness expands, and you finally start to know and see the subtle components of the reality in which we live. And they are truly exciting!

However, in our school of yoga, in the Open Yoga University, we try as little as possible to exploit the moments associated with supernormal abilities. Why? Because these topics rather weaken a mind of unprepared people instead of developing it. If a person is practicing yoga, eventually the person will become aware of it in natural way.

However, if an unprepared person will start to deal with various manifestations of pranayama, it can probably be confusing and will slow him down on this path.

In particular, if you are seriously engaged in pranayama yoga, then willy-nilly, you will observe the following phenomenon - you will obtain an ability to read other people's thoughts. First, it will come as the ability to adjust to the emotional state of other people, other living beings. This, by the way, is very helpful in learning foreign languages. Even without knowing the language, you will fully feel the mentality of the other person.

The same applies, of course, to all the other manifestations of understanding "languages", not necessarily people, but also the language of animals and birds, so to speak. First, it comes as an emotional experience, then it becomes more specific, and eventually, according to yoga, you will fully perceive concrete forms of thoughts.


What happens when a person gains a lot of prana? Our prana controls other large streams of energy, which we take from the food, and, as a rule, it is pure. Usually you use energy flows from the outside, and if you cut those flows, everything will fall apart, but any process can be supported by your own energy - prana. Since the source of prana your own Higher Self, no one can take it away from you. There is no such force in nature that could destroy you even on the physical level. This is a very high altitude. From time to time, we hear myths about some of the immortals who live high in the mountains, and seen only by the devotees. Again, according to yoga, physical immortality is not rational, it is unwise. Every life has its own goals. The goal of yoga is to reach higher spheres. Our physical body might be unnecessary there.

We have internal energy channels that are contaminated. This dirt is formed by things that are irrelevant. When we have things that are better to be avoided, it is called dirt, pollution. This dirt is not an absolute but a relative term. Our internal channels are polluted by these inappropriate things. What are these things? The answer would be very strange: on the physical level, this is a purely physical matter sometimes referred to as slag or toxins. In fact this physical substance blocks, and it makes our internal body factory work different on a physical level. However, there are more subtle pollutions, the so-called associative, or impression contaminations. Oddly enough, we might have such stable emotional energetic structure, which is squeezing or unclenching something inside. Or as soon as the external conditions of any kind show us some picture, we get triggered by internal instincts and give some internal reaction often completely unconsciously. It could be a set of some negative impressions, fingerprints, soul sediments etc. Here we are facing something unpleasant and it remains with that unpleasant "Ugh!" aftertaste. And, in fact, it is the balance of impressions, in terms of pranayama yoga, which clamps and blocks us from the inside not letting the power to flow freely. We definitely should get rid of these things. These are our previous experiences, our likes and dislikes, which are not relevant, split into fragments. Fragments are messed up and it is impossible to understand what is what. We become bearers of emotional junk. In terms of pranayama, it is also a contamination of the channels.

When performing exercises all this junk starts to quietly get out, and in its place comes the pure experience, pure association, pure feeling. It will be quite a long process of hard work. Sometimes it takes several years, sometimes few months, but as soon as the channel is cleared, a person has a feeling of being reborn if not more. It is as if stones, heavy load fell down and there is no more need to carry them.

After regular and balanced pranayama practice, you suddenly see that things you have lived with for many years, those things you could not live without are not so essential, but quite the opposite, it's better to live without all this inner hash of our experiences, fears, likes and dislikes, plans, or absence of plans — all these inner twists. With pranayama methods, we start to clean it all out.

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