Using of Prana wisely


The wiser (not only intellectually) we become the more prana we have. The closer we come to the realization of our Supreme Self, the more we dispel confusion of maya actions, the greater flow of prana we can use.

If from one life to another you live it making at least a little climb to the next stage of self-awareness or acknowledging of your own Self, the more prana you have. Imagine a picture: you enter an old house and the windows are blocked with iron sheets, it is dark though outside it is daytime. And someone made a hole in this iron sheet, and through it a powerful stream of sunlight comes. After, someone broke a bigger hole. That is more or less, what happens to us: first, we have a small hole, a small ray of prana. After a while, if we live life in the right way, by the end of it we are widening this hole, and we receive more of prana in the next life.

Starting from a human body, you have an opportunity to use prana more selectively, increase its inflow by hard overcome of illusion and ignorance as to what we really are. In the human body, you can realize your Higher Self more quickly, and with this awareness, the inflow of prana will grow. Beginning with the human body comes another evolutionary law, that all mankind has to live through. It is also increase of the amount of prana, but it is abrupt. If the animal has it gradually, incrementally, in the human body, start abrupt changes, and it is called a spiritual evolution. If before it was bestial evolution, now it is the spiritual evolution. Two people do not differ much from each other: two arms, two legs, one head, but one practices yoga and has a tremendous amount of prana, and the other one does not having much less prana. Such a sharp jump in prana suddenly changes everything inside. Once prana increases, mind immediately begins to work in a different way. Some things that previously could not be understood, suddenly become obvious.

In fact, as we have lived to the state of the human body, we have won the intermediate race. Body of a person is a great gift, and it is happiness that we possess it! In terms of quantity, we differ from cats and dogs, because we have more prana, however, it is distributed in a different way.

Now comes the second part of this marathon: to increase prana even more in order to reach a new level of evolution. All people have to go through this. Moreover, long retention on the evolutionary stage of the human body is very dangerous, because the mind has developed very well but without realization of any spiritual truth. Well developed mind is tricky. It causes great barriers on the way. More on this topic you can learn in Jnana yoga or yoga of intellect.

Every minute we spend a certain amount of prana to maintain our lives. Every second, there are processes going on inside the body. Cells are constantly being born and die. Therefore, there is the inflow of prana, and it is outflow. Of course, the worst thing is when the balance is lost and we spend more prana than receive. We should not think that we have been given some kind of reservoir of energy, and that we die when it is empty. It is a cycle - we receive and we spend. If you spend more than you have, it creates holes (i.e. health problems) as a result. Diseases lead to body distraction. If the level of illness is critical and incompatible with life, the person dies.

Looking ahead, the problem of the immortality is interesting to all in both the practical and theoretical point of view. If the inflow of prana will be very large, it is able to replace all other energy flows. In our bodies, we use other energy flows as well. A person dies -body decomposes. A saint dies, and the body does not decompose, because this person had more of own energy than the attracted ones. Yogis knew how to use prana for prolonging life. However, they were also aware of many life processes that follow after death.

Sometimes people ask why one has more prana than the other. If in this life, you are have been given more, it simply shows that in previous life you made an effort to have it all now. If someone has something you do not possess, it is only a question of in what that someone was engaged before, and you were not. The law of cause and effect (karma) brings all the credit from one life to another.

People have to go through all levels step by step. Imagine a state president who is not aware of consequences of own action and who is completely unable to control own actions! This power when placed in random people's hands runs out very quickly. It is the same with wealth. Have you heard about people who win the lottery and spend their prize on fun and at the end are more in debt than they were before? People that are not ready for it, will not be able to keep it. They should continue to work to support their level of prana.

It turns out that we are the owners of prana, the owners of this ability, but since we spend it straight away on the life maintenance, we do not realize it. Just like a person who goes to work, earns money to pay for the housing, food, clothing, etc. — and the money is gone. It comes and goes. People need to apply all their efforts to be wise in earning and spending prana and money. If your body shows an excess of prana, the most interesting and pleasant wonders begin: from daily basis to a very strange and incomprehensible things according to standpoint of modern man.

To start with the clear ones: it will increase your vitality, your immune system, the degree of your health, you will easily cope with various diseases, sometimes even intractable. You will be quite easy handle a variety of hardships, lack of comfort, food, or, for example, you will easily tolerate disharmonious psychological environment around you. You will have a kind of protective layer between you and the outside world, the protective layer of prana, which will not allow influencing you negatively. Sometimes this layer is compared with a bank account. No matter what is your salary, as long as you have a "chubby" bank account, you can easily solve unexpected financial problems. The price of something had been raised, and you say, "Oh, no big deal, I have money, I can always pay". In this respect, prana acts as universal money. Money can solve many of your problems in life, but there are challenges that no world currency can cope with. In this respect, prana is a universal currency, and it solves the problems that sometimes cannot be solved with money.

Last modified: Sunday, 11 March 2018, 8:47 PM