A man with Prana


If you have plenty of prana, you are not a subject to diseases. You can come into the plague-stricken house or take infected things, you will not get sick. If someone has a lack of prana, any cold can knock down, any scratch can lead to inflammation. That is why the more prana you have, the more you are protected.

There is another way to determine the quantity of prana a person has. There are some people, whom others turn to. For example, some actors or celebrities, they are glowing from inside out. Alternatively, for example, you are the owner of a firm and you have employees. Among the employees, you can always see those, who are full of strength and joy, they do their work easily and quickly. These people, as usual, make a good career; the managers notice them and move forward in carrier, because others are dull and ordinary in comparison with them. The answer is, one person has a lot of prana and others have not. The person, who has a lot of prana, dominates not only physically – sprightly and cheerful – but also succeeds in work or study. This person names the aim and reaches it in a short time. We usually described these people by “Said and done”. The higher manager always is searching for such people.

On the contrary, there are people making everyone dash aside. When you meet such person, facial expression may force you to avoid meeting with this person whenever possible. From such people every word sounds like a tragedy. Quite often these people are very lonely.

However, it is not always that clear. For example, a person practicing yoga might have various periods when there is no prana left for the outside activities (as so many things are happening inside) and people seeing only the external expression of this process might be confused thinking that the yogi is very lonely and not paying attention to interaction with other people and society in general. Later, the same man can reach great heights. Look at the autobiography of famous people: majority of them were unhappy at some stage of their lifetime - they might have been ugly ducklings in childhood, had difficulties during school or early carrier, and began to shine like a supernovae at some part of their lifetime. Everyone inevitably go through this period of lack of prana.

However, there are people who are always with a negative attitude towards themselves and others and they do not do anything to change the situation.

Prana not only supports our vitality, but also supports any work we do, and all the relatives and friends that surround us. If you are strong and full of prana, even your loved ones do not get sick and vice versa.

In India, it is considered to be good luck in any village to live near a practicing yogi. Yogis can live on their own not communicating with anyone. From time to time, the locals bring to a yogi a handful of rice and yogi is pleased, meditating and in a positive mood. All the villagers strongly welcome to have such people close by. They feel the force in the yogi. While the ogi is nearby the harvest is good and everything else as well. Once a yogi moves somewhere, the problems start. It is simple: the yogi is practicing, there is a lot of prana, and it spreads everywhere. If yogi leaves not much seems to change from the outside as yogi did not involve actively in the social life. However, situation in the village may change dramatically. That is the mysterious thing called prana.

Sometimes people say, they have a wave of luck in their life. Whatever goal they set it gets accomplished without much resistance. In a sense, all this can be reduced to a wave of prana, which solves all problems.

Prana is our manifestation in the Universe. We can control it, use it in a more meaningful way. Note that all living beings have prana: microbes, bugs, dogs and so do us. Everyone when getting sick try resisting the disease in order to recover recover. There is a saying tenacious like a cat. It seems that the wild animals are more survivable than us, homo sapiens. It is perfectly understandable because animals not have to solve differential equations or think, how to build a career. All their prana goes mainly to the maintenance of the physical shape, and a small part on occurring mental processes. They also experience emotions, and we are not much different from them in this regard.

Only starting from the human body, we can control prana, the supreme manifestation of our Self, and be more aware while using it. Awareness means more efficiency, and starting life in a human body, we are able to increase the flow of prana.

Coming back to the axioms of yoga, each of us has our Higher Self, which is the source of prana, the source of our power. So, where is our Higher Self? We can say that it is located in one point or we can say that our Higher Self is at all the points simultaneously and both would be true because our Self is higher than the concept of time and space. This question has no meaning. But one thing it is not meaningless: from the Supreme Self in some incomprehensible way goes the manifestation, not out of time and space, but inside and this manifestation in its original form is called prana. In some mystical books of the Middle Ages, there were descriptions of some silver threads that bind the human soul with the body. As long as this thread is there, the person is alive, but just as this thread is broken, the person dies. This allegorical expression attempts to explain the same thing, that as long as from our Higher Self, there is a flow of prana, our bodies live. Once the flow of prana is interrupted, it all falls apart. It turns out that prana comes from our Higher Self, and it is not clear if our Self is inside or outside.

Sometimes you will come across such phrases that yogi collects prana from the outside world, accumulates it. Is it true, if we know that our prana comes from our Higher Self? It makes no sense and yet makes sense. Yes, nature is the embodiment of our Higher Self. There are questions that cannot be answered straight away. So, you can use some very specific visual images, to increase greatly the amount of prana insid.

What is the difference between a man, a dog, a worm and Paramecium caudatum? In terms of pranayama yoga, the only difference is in the amount of prana, which can be controlled by one creature or another. Despite the fact that dogs and cats very lively, it only indicates that most of the prana is distributed on the maintenance of the physical body and the mental activity is at minimum.

Though we are not as good as cats and dogs in survival, we have more prana. Generally, status of the man as well as status of the dog with respect to the status of microorganism, is distincted by the amount of prana amount which can be controlled by our Higher Self.

One life after another the organism is born and dies, increasing the amount of prana, and thus is born in a more complex body. In the same way, dying and being born in the body of the animal, eventually brings to receiving of the human body. This evolution can be traced by the criteria of the amount of prana, which is available in every living being. If we live in a way that increases the flow of our prana, it is considered that we are living a nice life and live it purposely. Because in the next life we will rise to a new level. If nothing changes, then it is considered unreasonable to live such life, and if the number of prana reduces, it indicates that something has been done wrong in a previous life.

The source of our prana is our Supreme Self, which can be everywhere and nowhere. From our Self this manifestation comes. Due to lack of knowledge, we consider ourselves not as a Higher Self but our manifestations. Primarily, we consider ourselves as our own prana.

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