Popularity of yoga

Let’s face it – yoga is very ancient teaching, maybe one of the oldest. People are disputing about its age but the fact that in the beginning it was passed orally and has not left any material evidence from its origin. How come that such an old teaching is still alive regardless of so many changes that have happened during the history and manages to be popular today among vast number of people? Yoga is REALLY working!!! Yoga is trending! Presidents, famous actors, CEOs of global corporations, housewives, doctors, athletes, followers of various religions and many others are practicing yoga and feeling proud about it. People who value their time find the time for yoga. So there is something about this teaching!

People come for yoga for many different (even opposite) reasons. All these reasons should be respected and if people are persistent they achieve what they want with the help of yoga. The yogis would say that this teaching is simply helping us to open up what we already have.

It does not matter if people come for better health, positive inner state, wellbeing, calmness of the mind, balanced emotions, increasing energy, flexibility, improvement of intellectual abilities, increased focus, positive impact on all body systems or up to enlightenment. Often even doctors suggest their patients to attend yoga classes for many different positive effects. All of this and more is there for those who are ready to work. Yoga is teaching us to understand the world inside us as well as the world around us. Actually, it is said that what is inside is also outside and vice versa, giving as many tools to work with ourselves.

It is also true that for the basic areas of yoga, like hatha yoga, we even do not need to know the theory of yoga. If we practice hatha yoga by following two main principles (i.e. principle of kindness and principle of common sense and as one it is principle of harmony) then with the time we may rediscover the entire teaching of yoga by ourselves. To do it effectively we use the sources and recommendations of the ancient yogis.

Yoga has no competitors! You can only win with yoga.

All in all everyone wants to be happy, to live harmonious life. This is also the aim of yoga – to reach natural state of happiness in the most different ways. This is what we are going to do here, explore different natural ways in finding our happiness.

Remember: regular practice of yoga brings balance to our body, mind and soul.

Last modified: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 6:18 PM