Why Online Yoga Classes are so necessary at the present moment?

Understanding it or not we all have a pestilent and subtle enemy. This enemy makes our life miserable. All sufferings in our lives come from this enemy. This enemy comes and hurts us by transforming in many appearances and different situations. We are forced to fight with this enemy to live calm and happy life. All wars that take place (in past, are happening now and will happen in the future) are wars, in particular, with this enemy. The name of it is our nescience or lack of knowledge. If we think that beside our ignorance we have real enemies then this is just another victory of the nescience. We have just one method which will help us to fight with this guileful enemy.

Nescience is our only enemy

The great equalizer is Knowledge. Like the torch immediately abolishes the darkness the small amount of knowledge gets in to a fight with our enemy named nescience. Thereby, yoga invites us to study consistently, constantly and systematically. In ancient and reputable treatise “Yoga Sutras” by Patanjali the forth level on this way is called “Swadhyaya” or constant and systematic self-education, self-teaching, intelligence, searching of the new knowledge. In other words - it is not important how old you are and what kind of education you have, yoga strongly urges you to continue self-education. It's the only way to get over multiple anguishes in our life created by the nescience. But it will be very hard for a person who only gets on the way of yoga to form the habit to study systematically. This person needs help from the sidelines. The Internet Yoga Courses were we created to help to everyone who needs guidance in yoga right now.

The school teachers are the ones who determine the victory in the war.”

(Otto von Bismarck)

Yoga knowledge is disappearing very quickly

Serious research of existing state of affairs in the area of preservation the heritage of yoga suggests that yoga is disappearing very quickly. All that information about yoga which floods counties of the East and the West in practice is just an illusion. Unfortunately, expansion in the number of yoga books, magazines and films don't say much about the quality of this information. Frequently the quality of this information is so poor that it more confuses the person who is interested in yoga than helps to understand this ancient teaching. Just exceptional definite actions can save the situation to save this grandiose system of self-exploration which is named yoga. First of all it takes competent yoga instructors who are familiar with the ancient knowledge of yoga and could get the yoga knowledge out to people in the way they could understand it. If there will be no competent yoga instructors then there will be no demand for the yoga knowledge and it will disappear with the course of time. We need yoga instructors who will give practical yoga classes. We need promoters of yoga to make people interested in yoga. We need the ones who will support yoga with all their strengths and assets: from publishing of ancient texts up to fulfilling of „backoffice” work that is so invisible...

In modern life we notice two equivalently ineffective strategies for saving of yoga knowledge. The first strategy superficial, commercial, no-serious and consuming attitude toward yoga demonstrated to us by the West countries where yoga has been taken down to the level of physical exercising or aerobics. This trend in yoga is called “PopYoga”. This "yoga" is for people who follow fashion and advertising trend. But this strategy also has a positive side because almost everyone has heard the name "yoga".

The second one is the attempt in West to reconstruct small India inside some yoga school. People have to wear Hindu clothes and eat Indian food to be close to yoga. This attempt dictates the code of conduct which is normal in the East. For example, women have to study separately from men not to “bring them into temptation”. But the thing is this style and behavior have nothing in common with yoga. Among yogis this direction is called “HinduYoga”. If we are talking about the positive part of this direction we will find people with deep theoretical and practical yoga knowledge living this way. Sometimes blind copying of life elements of Eastern lifestyle may bring tiny residues of the ancient tradition along. So we see two trends: one absolutely non-serious and the other one – too serious. As the result the modern world needs completely different and new approach. The On-line Internet Yoga Classes of the International Open Yoga University were created to make this come true.

By the estimates of the International Open Yoga University at the present moment there is a need for thousands of qualified yoga instructors in order to save, adapt and bring ancient knowledge of yoga to everyone and harmoniously impart it in the modern life.

It is not reasonable to count on the fact that Western countries will "export" some teachers who have received training abroad as in the West rules the ideology of "consumer society" and their training and experience is below the required level. But if we would let them they would flood the entire world with certified yoga instructors if only they would receive money for that.

It is useless to count on the countries of the East, because there are no adequate number of training centers and the majority of the existing ones more remind of religious centers. These vacancies in the area of yoga instructors and teachers are filled with all kinds of healers, soothsayers, sorcerers, wizards and other, sometimes very dubious people. At the best, those are retrained psychologists, trainers of athletics, aerobics or dances, who see yoga as the next trend of fashion. Online Yoga Classes will let you to find the most capable, sincere and loyal people of yoga who in the future will become the teachers of yoga and yoga will not disappear.

Indeed, the future yoga teacher must study a huge amount of theoretical material on yoga. It takes a lot of time, but you can study the theory of yoga remotely via Internet. The same applies to the testing of knowledge studied through home-works and reviews of studied material. Of course, future yoga instructors need personal contact with their teachers if they want to take this tradition further to other people.

Online Yoga Classes and risk for attracting marginal people

The Online Yoga Classes are available to everybody who has Internet. This is a very positive thing for the studying of yoga, offering ordinary people the chance to join the yoga. But unfortunately such easy access makes the green light for the strange and irresponsible people on website and forums devoted to yoga.
They write insulting letters and messages in the forums, constantly criticize, trying find out who is the “main guru in yoga. As a rule all these people are lonely and miserable as nobody wants to deal with them. And due to unrealized creative potential their energy turns into poison for them and people around them. They are looking for people in every community over Internet to create the illusion of importance. We feel very sorry for these people. But we can’t afford them to poison the atmosphere on our classes. They may criticize us somewhere else (and this will be a nice advertising for us). We don’t mind.

The problem lies elsewhere. When the ordinary people who are taking their first steps in yoga and still know nothing about it, suddenly face with the abnormal people. Especially in yoga where those people should not be present. This starts to take aside. Well, it is the payment that we have to pay to have this kind of knowledge available on Internet.
The advice is never to enter into discussions with such people. Delete their messages without reading them. If you will show them the slightest interest, they will talk to you all time. The only effective way to deal with these people - not respond to them. If they write on your blog or forum just delete their message without further explanations. In yoga, it is said that provocation from the outside is not that harsh as your response to it. Whenever you meet people like that in your life, your reaction should be the same – don’t react, don’t answer, don’t notice them.
We also do not like very much when on our sites and forums someone starts unfairly or fairly criticize other schools of yoga or other teachers. We have no right to judge anyone. We also encourage all of our students to refrain from negativity and criticism on our site. There are a lot of other places for this reason.We have certain filters but it takes time.

Yoga and plagiarism

As soon as we started to give the knowledge of yoga to the public via the Internet Yoga Classes we faced with a curious phenomenon. Many of the "strong and independent" people started to take the parts of the classes which suit them and the rest information they took from somewhere else (often sources that are not related to yoga). But the interesting thing is that they begin to form a circle of loyal fans around himself/herself to begin to teach so-called "yoga". How we react? And how should our students react? We truly have an excellent opportunity to have fun. Especially when on the basis of our classes a "new" esoteric doctrines are created.

Friends, if you get into a situation where someone who doesn't have relation to our school of yoga copies the contents of these courses with no mention of us and is giving this material as their own, please, e-mail us openyogaonline@gmail.com

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