Site Rules

There are not many rules to observe on our yoga learning site as long as you are kind to other people and do not try to cheat on the learning system. And no spam, please!


There are many different people learning yoga. Yoga does not divide people by their nationality, culture, nation, traditions, religion beliefs, sex or other aspects. Be kind to other people! Form the rules of your own world where you would want to live. If you disagree with the aspect of kindness then yoga is not for you and you will find your soul-mates somewhere else. We keep the rights to deny access to the learning system when this rule is violated.

Honesty vs. Deception

Yoga believes that everyone has the same Higher Self (Atma in Sanskrit). Therefore people cannot be divided into superhumans and subhuman.
At the same time, each human being has a different level of self-awareness, and it is the reason why different people have different level of responsibility for their actions. Some people can easily deceive and fraud. Other people cannot even think about it.
We do not consider as our duty to tell people what level of self-awareness they have. The only fact that a person begins to study yoga with us says that his/her level of self-awareness is very high. Therefore, we use the method of “the presumption of innocence” for every student. We believe that unless absolutely necessary, you do not cheat, you will not attempt to deceive the Learning System, manipulate, deliberately mislead us and so on.
The most serious examiner and test is your life. If you deceived someone and you start thinking that you are cleverer than others and all around you are fools, it means that you allow this rule comes to your life. And in other situations, these rules will turn against you. This is called the Law of Karma (the law of cause and consequences). We keep the rights to deny access to the learning system when this rule is violated.

If you suspend your training

You can use this site for unlimited period of time. You can pass courses as fast as it comfortable for you. The only thing you have to do - attend the site regularly, so we know that you are still with us.
If you are away from the site for more than six months, we will assume that you made up your mind to leave the courses. In this case, you would be excluded from the list of students and all your scores and records would be deleted from the system.
This tracking of absent students helps us to solve the problem with so-called "dead souls" in the Site. However, you can start the learning process once again but again from the very beginning.

Last modified: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 4:32 PM