Nyasa yoga

Tactual perception is one of the powerful channels for interacting with the world around us. Through tactual sensations we cognize, we communicate, we express our feelings and emotions. The kind of yoga that deals with our tactual interaction with the universe is called nyasa yoga.

Nyasa yoga is a higher and a very uncommon kind of yoga. It acts like a catalyst, enhancing the effects of other kinds of yoga by making all yoga processes run up to 7-10 times faster. It is one of the safest kinds of yoga to practice but it requires great qualification: it takes about 10 years to master it; to practice this kind of yoga you need a teacher as well as a number of fellow yogis who will help you understand its essence better.

Nyasa yoga is a profound means of communication. Practicing this kind of yoga, you begin to understand yourself and people around you better, and this helps to improve your relations both at work and in your private life. You gradually get rid of all your internal blocks and inhibitions.

In nyasa yoga – as opposed to massage – both people work: the one who gives nyasa and the one who receives it. The concept of this kind of yoga is this: giving nyasa to someone, you are giving it to yourself. That is, as you approach another person to give them nyasa, you begin to actually feel where and how to touch them. It is necessary to tune in to the concept of the Infinite, to the concept that you and the Universe are one and the same, that you are touched by the Absolute in the form of a human. It may look like a child's play or a massage, but in fact there are underlying processes that take place. Working on someone else's body, you alter yourself.

Our tactual perception is deeply related with the heart center, which is the cornerstone, the bottleneck of our spiritual development. As long as we do not quite realize this center, we tend towards self-destruction, to all the negative things. Through nyasa we develop our heart center and as a result we tend to make more balanced decisions, for our consciousness and energy begin to complement each other.

Some kinds of practice are impossible without nyasa yoga. It can be applied anywhere: you can use it in hatha yoga, in kriya yoga, raja yoga, in meditation or visualization - you name it!

Last modified: Sunday, 25 December 2016, 9:30 PM