Jnana yoga

Jnana – knowledge that helps to get all the knowledge there is!

We have an intellect, a capacity to think, to ask and answer questions. These skills are available because of our mind. Our mind doesn’t invent anything new; it just uses one of the fundamental principles of the Universe. The principle that uses our mind exists everywhere in the Universe. The principle of mind is universal; it is very high-level but there is even a higher level. It opens up no earlier than we have polished our intellect. Our aim is to develop the intellect, and jnana yoga asks to analyze everything with the intellect, but gives notice: “Don’t let the mind be your Lord”.

Analysis and mind

Thus, having a thinking capacity, we have a certain kind of yoga, which tries to analyze logically all the questions dealing with the Universe arrangement – it is jnana yoga (yoga of knowledge). Unfortunately, mind has an opposite side: if we don’t control it, it becomes our worst enemy. That is why highly intellectual people suffer much more in their life than people who are not that clever, who do not realize most of the problems. Our duty is to develop our intellect, but at the same time to put it under control. If you won’t be able to switch off your mind, you will never reach the highest spiritual spheres. Your intellect will equally prove you that God exists as well as the opposite. Our intellect is simply not capable of understanding this; these are not its matters, it doesn’t solve them. Moreover, our intellect tends to perceive everything more pessimistically rather than optimistically.

The only danger of jnana yoga is that a strong uncontrolled mind is like a monster that makes you suffer. When your intellect works, it works for you, but when it has nothing to do, it starts killing you, that’s why it is so necessary to be able to switch it off. At the same time it is great tool that we need to learn to use.

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