Yantra Yoga

We have vision, we see different forms. We have developed this capacity in continuous evolution. Our further development is also connected with this ability, even with the appearance of unconscious reactions depending on the picture.

For example, we accept vertical and horizontal lines naturally, but inclination, especially if it is wider than certain degree, effects a sharp unconscious reaction. Yantra yoga uses our ability to perceive forms. It does not matter if this form is printed on a sheet of paper, is drawn on the sand or displayed in any other way. The most important is that by using this channel it is possible to reach really fantastic results. Moreover, in some kinds of yoga, for example in tantra yoga, is said that deity is not pleased if you worship it without yantra.

Invitation of the Supreme

What is meant by the deity in this case? The deity is the Supreme, which reveals by means of definite form. In other words we «invite» the Supreme to reveal through definite form and there a powerful effect takes place and it is called «worshiped icon», it is well known among the followers of various religions. Thus yantra stops to be just a picture and becomes a channel of communication with the Supreme. Practicing yantra yoga is quite harmless, but without a certain preparation the result can escape from you.

Using this channel we can access the deepest levels of the subconscious and achieve great results. Yantra yoga provides us with just the right objects and diagrams for contemplation that considerably speed up our inner processes of self-cognition. Such diagrams are called diagrams of power or just yantras.

Each yantra has its own effect. There are yantras for all of life's emergencies - for wealth, for good luck, for negotiating an obstacle. Most of them are very simple, however, there are some very complex ones, too. The example of a complex (and a very important) yantra is the Sri Yantra. Contemplating this yantra, we cognize the concept, the beauty and the harmony of the Universe.

Another kind of practice is a combination of yantra yoga and visualization yoga. You can expel negative images by visualizing yantras and thus clear you mind out of wrong images. To do it, you need of course to be able to replicate this yantra in your mind. In order to remember it, it is recommended to draw it first by hand. You do not have to be a professional artist! It will be your personal yantra.

Yantra yoga is quite safe to practice and can considerably enhance your practice.

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