Bhakti yoga

We have a capacity to perceive the world esthetically. Bhakti yoga teaches us that the Highest Principle (we call it Absolute, God, whatever you like) reveals through everything we consider beautiful. Places where we could feel this «supreme» attract us and if we don’t feel the Supreme then we feel disgust.

Bhakti yoga appeals to sensual perception of the world by senses. It says that finding and contemplating the beauty is already yoga itself. This beauty reflects the supreme principle, which has created this entire world. Bhakti yoga explains that it’s possible to communicate directly with Supreme, without intermediaries. If we make up our mind to the Supreme, we become absorbed in it and will learn how to communicate. Further, a person understands that the goal of the life is devotion and serving to this beauty.

Danger of bhakti yoga

There is one danger in bhakti Yoga – it is fanaticism. It is the case when the Supreme has revealed itself to you through something and you start to consider this very thing the only one to see the Supreme, because of your misunderstanding. All the rest you consider dirty and ugly. This is what all religious quarrels and all other argues are based on. That is why they say a human has created God, meaning that a person has created God by imagining someone who is above the human in all means (good and bad, benefits and weaknesses).

Yoga is not «against» and not «for» the various religions, it perfectly lives with them. If the Supreme has revealed to you through religion it’s very good. If the Supreme has revealed to you through something else it’s good as well. It is very powerful method itself, because contemplating the beautiful you forget everything which surrounds you and reach naturally the utmost degree of concentration and easily reach the highest state of yoga – Samadhi. The reverse side is that you also force your neighbor to admire this beautiful instead of admiring it yourself. This is the danger. So, if you have discovered the Supreme in something, this doesn’t mean that it has to be seen by others in the same way as it has revealed to you.

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