Personal Characteristics of Yoga Students



Our experience shows that if a student wants to pass the courses successfully, the following qualities should be developed and demonstrated:

  • Ability to focus on the study material.

Some students believe that the knowledge gained through the Internet cannot be real knowledge, because Internet is full of dubious information about yoga, which is pointless to focus on. Our students have proven right the opposite! However, they perceive this as a serious learning process and devote the time to focus on the studies.

  • Learning material quickly.

There will be large amount of information to process. Thereby be ready to work actively!

  • Ability to memorize the material from the first time and in a short time.

From the first time you should be able to remember not only what you are interested in, but also the material that you could consider as insignificant and boring.

  • Ability to pass tests under time pressure.

After every step you learn there will be a test. Test usually consists of 10-20 questions to verify your knowledge. Student is given time that is equaly to 60x seconds, where x means number of questions in the test.

  • Patience in learning the course materials.

If you are new to yoga, some materials could seem so illusory simple, clear and even boring, that you might want to skip them immediately to study something more interesting. This mistakes is made by too many yoga students. Be warned about it and try to avoid making it. There are multiple layers of every term and it is required to understand each of the concepts as deep as possible at the given moment. Like when we read ancient texts every time they show a different aspect.

  • Ability to communicate constructively with other our students and tutors.

The Art of Communication - is the key to your future success.

  • Ability to convincingly and succinctly express your views on the range of issues.

Ability to share your experience with other people. This ability is the most important in performing your homework.

  • Consistency in learning yoga.

Patiently, step by step learn theory and practice of yoga. Difficulties are there to be solved and not to try to find easier ways and shortcuts that might bring nowhere.

  • Persistence in learning the course materials.

These courses will take time. So only if you learn how to overcome systematic training routine, you can count on success.

Last modified: Thursday, 22 April 2021, 9:15 PM