Mantra Yoga

We all can talk. The talking and speaking process is not so easy. It is connected straight to the process of thoughts creation, and this process is connected straight to the kundalini energy. In some meaning mantra yoga is the usage of kundalini energy by vibrations of words and thoughts. There is a method to pronounce certain words and use our kundalini, which create real wonders. You pronounce certain mantra, and get enormous effect. There are mantras of energy, mantras of consciousness and mantras of names. Name mantra – is the mantra which has both energy and consciousness in the balanced state. Mantra yoga is considered as one of the most secure kind of yoga. You can study it by yourself.

Benefits of mantra yoga

Mantra yoga can give a lot of useful things:

firstly we get rid of internal tensions and suppressions and we form a beautiful voice. People start listening to us. We start getting rid of thoughts that bring our attention to the side and stop wasting our prana. With mantra we may remove obstacles, attract things we need, protect ourselves, etc.

People in West don’t really trust mantra yoga, thereby it is giving low results. Because they don’t get it how it works. You can get results only by practice and when you will get even a small result you will start believing and the power of mantra will grow.

We can chant mantras loudly, quietly and in our mind. We may use mantra yoga in combination with other kinds of yoga.


Last modified: Sunday, 25 December 2016, 9:20 PM