Yoga Diary



Yoga teaches us that the more intently we will direct our attention to the studying material, the better we will understand it and, most importantly, we will remember it. The secret of a good memory lies in the attention directed to what we want to remember. We can strengthen our concentration by making notes of the studied material by hand and repeating aloud new information, if there is a possibility. The results of this you will feel in the near future.

Therefore to maximize the benefit from the course, a student should work with a "piece of paper and a pencil in the hand," and, if possible, to pronounce the newly acquired knowledge aloud.

Thus, get yourself a yoga diary – a clean notebook of a convenient size. During your study you will write down into the yoga diary the highlights of the courses, notice all stages of your training, work, practice, materials of yoga courses, classes, notes, future plans, thoughts and emotions, etc. It is extremely useful to draw pictures in your notes. When we write, draw or speak out loud, we pay less attention to distractions and we can more focus on the studied material. As practice shows, yoga diary enormously develops attentiveness, memory, will and ability to complete all the has been started. Over the course of time your yoga diary will be saturated with supreme aspects of yoga, with your energy and consciousness. Then, as experience shows, there will be a very interesting effect. Once you will only look at the yoga diary or hold it in your hands, you will feel calmness, clarity, concentration, self-confidence.

Your yoga diary will turn into your personal ”wonderful magic amulet”, made by you to protect, to preserve and to calm.

There is nothing supernatural about it. Everything is quite sensibly explained in yoga. Simply, there are rough laws, there are fine ones. Creating of yoga diary is a yogic method to use the enormous potential, which, according to yoga, is hidden in every person. The fact is that when you study the supreme knowledge of yoga, then you will definitely think about it, and your mind and thoughts in your mind magnetize all what you touch in these moments, and you need only to find "a battery", where the power of thought would "accumulate". Your yoga diary just will eventually be such "a drive." When you will make notes in your yoga diary by hand, concentrate on writing and your attention will become a conductor from the mind to the yoga diary.

Start yoga diary right now! Get yoga diary right now, while everyday life has not jammed awareness impressions of an important requirement. Do not put off this idea. If there is no suitable notebook for the diary, take a few sheets of first paper that is near your hand and use it. Then you can glue them in or rewrite in a yoga diary. Some thoughts, emotions, images will eventually become a factor of force, even if they were written or drawn on a napkin on paper between the lines or on the toilet paper. Yoga diary should be only handwritten. If you're having an electronic diary or blog and want to share your thoughts with others, you can do it. But carry into electronic form the notes and drawings only after you have written them by hand. The manual option may be brief, and electronic may be more detailed, but the main thing - first by hand and then on the computer. Remember that for the passage of a practice, you may need solitude in countryside, without a computer. Also in the future, you will learn yantra yoga, work with images, archetypes of fundamental principles of the universe forms. All exercises are performed there by hand. Images are drawn, mantras are written down. In addition, probably there is a complex, non-obvious yoga connection between hand motor activity and the process of concentration in yoga work with thought forms on the surface of the mind. This is evidenced by such serious topics as nyasa yoga, numerous specific exercises for hands (mudras), yoga imaging (yantra yoga), and others. Because these principles are not fully understood by us, we cannot take the freedom to change the tradition and use a computer. Perhaps in the future when this issue will be studied in detail, the situation will change, but now we encourage you to keep a diary by hand.If you do not want someone to read your diary, you can think up your own figurative language understandable only to you. The main thing is that you are able to read it over time and get back to it when necessary. Make a habit from time to time to review your past diaries with any particular frequency. Tying it to some dates, holidays, birthdays. Also, remember that you will not read your most important book in your life. You will write it by your own life. Yoga diary will help you fix this book on paper.

Yoga and creative work

We appreciate the impulse of creativity. Feel free to send your creative work to us. Some pictures we might use as illustrations of our courses, and you will become a co-creator of Internet Yoga Courses! You may also use other forms of expression. Send your work to Please notice that your work will have applied the license of Creative Commons to it like our courses have.

Yoga teaches us that within each person there is grandiose hidden creativity. The task of each person is to realize this potential for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Otherwise, by suppressing such potential we may get a negative result - as depression, anxiety, aggression. They are manifesting in the form of negative trends and the nature of destructive behavior. There is nothing "bad" or "good", "dirty" or "clean" in a person, but there is suitable and unsuitable.

Therefore, it is extremely easy to get rid of many negative factors in life, if a man takes out energy from unsuitable and directs it into suitable. The fastest and the best results are achieved when a person uses own energy in the work for the benefit of all living beings. Yoga says: "Seek happiness through self-realization!"

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