In order to start doing something it is good to know what is required from us. If you want to start learning you might need a few things. Those are WILL, KNOWLEDGE and ACTION.


If you have registered on our site then we assume that you have a will to find out more information about yoga. Will is the first step people make. If there is no will there is no use in doing something. Yoga teachers know that it is impossible to teach something if a person is not willing to do it. This person can be given the information but learning process will be up to this person.

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it to drink”


To do something we need to know how to do it, the world-famous “know-how”. Of course you may discover everything on your own but you might make tons of mistakes that are easy to avoid when following guidelines given to us by ancient yoga teachers. On our yoga learning site you will find a lot of recommendations how to improve your practice and to make your yoga path as safe as possible. However, yoga deeply respects your freedom, even to make your own mistakes. Yoga is not teaching of strict rules – only recommendations and it is up to you to follow them or not.


When we have will and knowledge we need an action. What’s the use to have a will and knowledge if they are not followed by the action!? Right, no use at all! There are millions of people who are all the time talking but not doing. Yoga requires the action. Each of us has to make steps towards discovering the world inside us as well as around us! Nobody can do it for us. So let’s bring it to the action. And use as your helping hand and friend in this process.

What else is necessary for learning yoga?

You don’t need much to do yoga! You will need time and place for doing it. It is a good idea to plan it where and at what time you will do it. Otherwise, the evening will come and you will have missed the chance to practice.

And you might also have a flat surface, a mat for exercises and comfortable clothes. Different kinds of yoga might require some extra things but start small. Use what you already have rather than use lack of things as an excuse to postpone learning process for later.

The short guide for beginners: “BEGIN!

You will do a lot on your own. Use this site as a friend and a fellow of yoga learning process. We are here for you!

But how about a yoga teacher??? Aren’t we first supposed to find our guru?

It is great luck to find the yoga teacher right away. This is a great challenge. But if there is no teacher near you then you can start on your own. Don’t wait for a guru to come down from the Himalayas and don’t wait for a perfect situation in life when you have free time, free resources and things made for you. It does not happen this way!

When the apprentice is ready, there will be a teacher

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