Question of life and death in yoga



I would like to spend my money on yoga development. For what purpose it makes sense to spend money first of all?

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Dear friends, remember, that long yoga survival experience shows, that it’s easier to preserve knowledge that were written as texts and passed on.

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Does yoga prolong life?

Yoga is a system of self-exploration, and, as a result of this self-exploration, comes a knowledge of how our body works, how to make it function without failures and destruction, on full capacity. Existence of this knowledge leads to an opportunity to prolong the duration of human life considerably. Moreover, in the ancient texts we find the description that the person who is practicing yoga, could generally prolong his/her life as long as considered it to be necessary for the self-exploration purposes. But at the same time it is important to remember that yogis took death easy, not regarding it as something outstanding.
So, according to the yoga doctrine, after the death a person has to be born once again as the small child in a family with which he/she has a connection. This means that, probably, our children are the souls of our grandmothers and grandfathers who have got the new bodies with our help. In yoga life expectancy is not so important, but rather a quality of life. After all, to live two hundred years in a body full of diseases and sufferings, is not the benefit, but punishment. Therefore, according to the yoga teaching even if life is short, but full of strength, fulfillments and self-realization, it is more preferable, than to live long life in an illness and suffering.Therefore in the history of yoga we know examples when outstanding yogis lived a rather short life. But if yogis felt that their work on the earth isn't finished yet, they sought to prolong the life by all means which yoga possess. For this purpose they used all secret knowledge and practices of an antiquity.
Unfortunately, these practices and knowledge of how to prolong the life for any period, have reached us in an unclear, allegorical description which demands efforts and time to decipher. Some things from these ancient doctrines on life extension are probably to be rediscovered now again, asit becomes clear, that not all teachings have remained up till now. After all, yoga is disappearing fast. Probably, yogis of the antiquity didn't want to propagandize this science of immortality as this doctrine could fall into hands of the people who are inclined to the evil.

There was a Russian fairy tale about Immortal Koschei which brought much sufferings to people and a historical character Tokhtamysh, the immortal political governor of the Middle Age. These are two examples to understand that this fear of immortal evil is not groundless. Nowadays, when the most respectable people are criminal authorities, corrupted representatives of power structures, the cruel and ambitious sort of people who rob seniors, the governors who want to rule forever, probably it is very dangerous to publish such knowledge. Imagine the immortal fanatic maniac who is a ruling person and goes on the seventh term of government, and each term lasts for hundred years. That is why the yogis who possessed this knowledge, had to do it very secretly. Other Teachers and followers of yoga consciously don’t want to rediscover this knowledge until the mankind doesn't become more spiritual and won't be cleared of a crime, corruption and maniacal obsession.
It is necessary to remember that according to the yoga doctrine, all of us were created just like Absolute and the immortality was given to us. But we didn't cope with opportunity to live eternally, we got confused in the desires, we applied our abilities incorrectly. Instead of pleasure of immortal life all this led us to eternal suffering. Like spiders, we made a net of unnecessary desires and aspirations and we tangled in it.
As a result, we began to ask the Absolute to give us the chance to start everything with a white sheet. Absolute granted us this opportunity. That process which we call death is exactly this opportunity to start it all over again not to repeat the same old mistakes. Death is a gift of the Universe which relieves us of eternal torments and sufferings. And indeed, in a new life we try not to repeat old mistakes, but we make new ones, and again we need to start everything with a white sheet. So life after life we formed more and more difficult bodies and then gave them to our descendants, then again we were born, receiving a more sophisticated body from our parents, and here, at last, we have received a human body. Yoga says that once we’ve received a human body we can learn to live in happiness and pleasure as it was originally conceived by the Universe. And as soon as we will learn to do it, we won’t need death anymore and we will be able to live as long as we want in happiness and pleasure.
As for more practical methods, yoga says that if we adhere the correct diet, are engaged in physical yoga exercises, in breathing exercises, have sex as it is taught in special kinds of yoga, communicate only with spiritual people and avoid angry people, live outdoors and in harmony with nature, it is possible to prolong life considerably.
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