Yoga teachers, yoga instructors program and yoga schools

Yoga teachers, Yoga instructors program and yoga schools

Yoga beginners often feel confused on the beginning of yoga path. They wish to find their own school and teacher. However, it is not like finding traditional university or a tutor when a lot of things are determined by publicly accessible information and price. This course reviews questions on what to search for and what to do while searching the yoga teacher and/or school. And how to compare different yoga schools?



Some people confuse yoga with sports. Here you will find why yoga is not sports and if it is possible to do both of them at the same time.

This course consists of several steps:
  • Who is a Yoga Teacher and who is not? Where to find a true Yoga Teacher?
  • What is a yoga school and how to find the one for you?
  • Question of immortality
  • Yoga and sexuality - taboo or not?
  • Yoga and sport - friends or foes?
  • Certification of yoga and Yoga Teachers
  • Fast answers to yoga beginners about learning of theory, superpowers, age.
  • Possible problems on the yoga path beginning
  • Language of yoga materials
  • Homework and certificate