Our site offers four different education plans. The first one is absolutely FREE. Others offer additional benefits like your personal yoga tutor for extra cost and up to yoga teacher training that is 4 years long.Here you will find some basic rules of your studying process on, one very important notice that you should be aware of, why these courses are offered for free to everyone.

Education forms for yoga studies

This table shows education forms for various study plans.

Free plan offers yoga theory, practice and insight in classical methods of yoga.

Basic plan offers in addition to the free plan more detailed insight in classical methods of yoga and consulting of Yoga Teacher.

Advanced plan in addition to Basic plan includes Personal Yoga Teacher, insight in the advanced methods offering faster development in yoga.

Teacher training is offering yoga theory and practice, consulting, personal Yoga Teacher, classical kinds of yoga, advanced methods of yoga, certificate of yoga teacher, and group mates to share mutual way in the studying of yoga.

Yoga studies for beginners

This course consists of several steps:
  • Your yoga IQ.
  • Structure and content of OpenYoga courses. The language of the courses.
  • Requirements for studying yoga – tangible and intangible. Yoga diary.
  • Characteristics of yoga students. Importance of time management in studies.
  • Site rules. Important notice! Why are the courses offered for free?
  • Facts about yoga today. Why has yoga become so popular?
  • Education plans. Personal tutor. Skype consulting.
  • Home task #1 and certificate.

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