Karma YOGA

Karma YOGA

Concept of Karma is very interesting. There are many misunderstandings about it, thereby it is usful to take a closer look at it. Karma itself is nothing negative or positive. It is just the law of causes ans consequences. Knowing the laws of karma considerably improves the quality of our life. Makes it more meaningful.

The topic of today's seminar is Karma Yoga. This topic is extremely interesting, extremely practical. Although at the first glance it is not quite Yoga: no one is standing on the head in this kind of yoga. So let's start in order to move closer to the concept of Karma. This term is now quite common in the West. But as often happens, it came to us from the East and got its own meaning, quite different from the real meaning of the word as implied in the teachings of the East and including Yoga.

Karma yoga studies

We will also review the following questions:

  • concept of time,
  • who is to blame for our problems,
  • concept of logic,
  • problems on the way and many other.

karma yoga what is karma

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