How to meditate for beginners?

Meditation Guided. Meditation Techniques. How to meditate for beginners?

Meditation is one of the branches of the single yoga teaching. And the goal of meditation yoga is the same as the goal of all yoga as a whole: self-exploration, acquisition of freedom from all the limiting factors. We may say that meditation is a set of tools that lets us reach the highest goal of yoga.

A modern person's job can sometimes last for many years and its result is very distant in time. And that is where we observe a state of accumulated stress - we tense all our powers, all our emotions, all our nerves but the result is still not there. We burn out and simultaneously fall within the scope of numerous irritant factors: we get stuck in hours-long traffic jams or push strollers through the subways during rush hours, we are surrounded by the noise and the clatter of the city, the overall nervousness falls upon us. And these negative factors overlap with the internal pressure from unfinished tasks or some unachieved goals that we set for ourselves, which results in dire consequences in the form of stress. That is why it would be good to learn to enter this state of peace, tranquility, and detachment in order to restore one’s strength, to see things in a new light, even if it is the task, we are working on.

How start meditate?

Let's try to understand what is meditation. It is important area of yoga that is very helpful, may require some prior preparation and has several stages. Mediation is based on certain principles: the principles of our body, the principles of mind and the principles of our world. And despite the fact that the topic of meditation is rather complicated and serious, it is at the same time very close to life. Our task is to approach the theory and of course the practice of this question in such a way that each of you could consciously try this kind of yoga and get a result yourself.

Meditation Guided. Meditation Techniques. How to meditate for beginners?
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