Basic principles of yoga

Hatha Yoga Masterclass

We long waited for it and NOW it is here!!!

Finally getting to hatha yoga practice.

You do not know where to start Hatha yoga practice. Start it HERE!

Yes, yoga is 1% of essential theory and 99% of practice. First comes the theory and you have had a chance learn it in previous courses!

Open Yoga teachers have prepared you text, visual and video materials how to start practicing Hatha yoga, what is necessary for that, yoga ABC, FAQ and how to avoid mistakes and 46 useful yoga poses to explore!

What is this course about?

This is excellent hatha yoga course if you wish to learn different hatha yoga poses based on ancient treatise but taking into account modern life conditions.

Ancient Hatha yoga source – Hatha yoga from very beginning

First you will have a chance to read the full version of Hatha Yoga Narrative or Treatise of Hatha Yoga. There are many essential things you need to know. Even if you know nothing about yoga or you have some doubts about practicing of Hatha yoga – this single resource is enough for the beginner to start and for advanced practitioner to revise essential theory for successful practice. It’s language is simple and yet very deep. We suggest to reread this text when you start and when you complete this course

46 essential Hatha yoga poses

In this course we have included 46 different poses. Each pose includes:

  • name in English

  • name in Sanskrit,

  • photo of a pose,

  • description from the treatise

  • tips from Open Yoga Teachers

  • level of difficulty

  • image for visualization

  • nice design you can print out.

You can also print out hatha yoga pose posters to form set of poses for your personal practice. Some poses also have video tutorials.

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