KRIYA YOGA TECHNIQUES. How to practise Kriya Yoga?

Kriya yoga is perfect for this. It will give your body movements that are required for the body to feel good. Kriya yoga will give positive impact on emotions, too.



Course of kriya yoga will be divided in two parts – theoretical and practical. Each step will contain both of these areas to improve the results. Practical material will include a review of each kriya individually. You will find out about the areas of the body to focus on in each kriya as well as about the effect promised by the ancient kriya yoga treatise.

Start Kriya Yoga Studies

  • What is Kriya yoga?
  • What is the main goal of Kriya yoga
  • Meaning of "Kriya"
  • 4 yoga axioms - basic yoga theory
  • How Kriya yoga works?
  • Levels of Kriya yoga - Surface level of Kriya, Deeper level of Kriya
  • Benefits of Kriya yoga
  • Kriya and Karma, how to determine what kind of Karma we have
  • Kriya and Prana
  • Transformation - what to expect from the practice of Kriya yoga
  • Who are we - body, mind, soul?
  • Work with thoughts and emotions
  • Conditions for successful Kriya yoga practice
  • Work with our blind zones with Kriya yoga
  • Aspects of intellect and mind in our life
  • Source of happiness
  • Kriya yoga know-hows, aspect of here and now, aspect of the right moment
  • Source for studying Kriya yoga - ancient Treatise on Kriya yoga
  • Kriya yoga theory
  • Physical, subtle and causal aspects in Kriya yoga
  • Combining of Kriya yoga with other kinds of yoga: yes or no
  • Finding the inner rhythm
  • Exciting Tests, Homework for review of the course & Awarding Yoga Certificate
  • and many more

Guide to Kriya Yoga

Every practice has three parts. Entry (introduction), the practice itself and conclusion or exist from the practice. We don’t simply jump in the practice. We need to get ready for it, to immerse in ourselves, to bring mind in very active state.
Like in any other kinds of yoga the main thing is harmony!!! Be gentle to yourself. And especially in kriya yoga, even more than in hatha yoga as kriya yoga primarily works on finer level than hatha yoga with its static exercises.