My Homework. (* Required fields. Other fields are optional.)

1. This is My Feedback on Course 000 “How to use courses? Test yoga IQ.”*

2. My name is  Jane Smith. My Pseudonym is Rose.*

3. My Education plan is Free\Basic\Advanced\Yoga Teacher Training- Bachelor’s degree.(Choose one of the given options and delete others.)*

4. I live in: Washington, DC, USA. (Your Location.) *

5. My E-mail: (Contact info, optional)

6. I am 29. But I really feel like I am 25.(Age  and How old do you really feel?)*

7. My gender is Male\Female (optional)

8. My Education. I have a Higher education, IT. "42 School."2015. College of Engineering Sciences in Paris. 2011. *

9. My area of professional interest:
Web-designer , Сryptanalyst. (Profession. Indicate area you work in.)*

10. About me:
My hobby is collecting figures of frogs, I love travelling. I try to spend a lot of time with my family. I have daughter and son. We also have two dogs. I would like to communicate with people who are interested in yoga. (More information about yourself. Tell us a little bit more about yourself if you wish. You can tell us about your hobbies, whether you are looking for communication with people interested in yoga, etc. Optional.)

11. What else do I want to share?
I would like to tell you that…(My life. If you want to give us some more information or thoughts or share something interesting, no matter whether it is yoga-related or not, you can do it in this section.  Here you can cover such topics as. Optional. )

12. Inspiration in life! If you have had inspiration from yoga or life, share it. It helps you to appreciate good things in your life.*
First . I am so glad that serious yoga studies are available on-line. So far I was convinced that this teaching was given only from a teacher to a student in presence. I enjoyed learning yoga.

Second. I met a friend of mine I had not seen for 10 years and we had a great time together.
Third. I received a letter from my client. He was very satisfied with my services and we got three new orders from him.

13. Theory of yoga put into practice. Applying yoga theory to life! 

I made only few notes in my yoga diary about the material I had passed. It really works! So simple and so effective at the same time. I also wrote down some goals that I want to reach during the next year. And I find it easier to concentrate on my goals. 
(If you see that yoga knowledge is really working; if you applied the theory and the principles of yoga and it yielded a result, feel free to share it here.)

14. My Emotions from studying yoga:  
I could not imagine that studying of yoga could be so exciting. I am looking forward to the next course. (Emotions from studying, optional).

15. Free time:
I spent some time on yoga mat practicing new poses. ( Yoga is not only serious work but also a good rest,optional.)

16. My interests:*

I haven’t studied anything before / 2. I have attended massage training for Indian head massage / I have study and practice Buddhism.
Are you a practitioner of any other system? If so, you may indicate it or not.)

17. How did you find out about our Universuty (IOYU)? What attracted you? * 
How I found out about IOYU?  I entered key words „international yoga university” and others in Google and this site was one of the search results.

I was attracted by: I am interested in studying yoga. However, due to a very busy schedule that is changing regularly I did not have such chance before. I can finally do it! I also plan to become a yoga teacher thereby I am interested in Teacher training program.
(How and where did you find out about us? Please give as many details as possible. If you came from another website, please specify the website. This will help us in our work.)

18. Benefit from the course!  Was this course useful to you? How and why? *

Was the course useful? The course was: extremely useful / very useful / useful / not useful / useless /
Because I used to think everything was quite different. Sharing: I left a link and my review on the course in my blog
(If you liked this course, we ask you to share your opinion and a link to it via your social networks. Do not keep the knowledge to yourself, help others approach it too.)

19. New facts in the course! *
The following was new to me:

Where? In the lectures. What? Everything in the lectures was new to me, especially I would like to note... My thoughts about this course: I think this course helped me understand how courses work and how to make studying here easier.
( What was new to you in this course? Share your thoughts, observations, ideas and emotions that came to you as you advanced through the course.)

20. My inspiration - bhava:

I can proudly share with you that my bhava is 100%. I was able to inspire my sister with a poem that I wrote under the influence of this state!Grade your bhava on a scale from 0 to 100%!
(Bhava is an elevated state of inspiration, similar to being in love. When one is in a state of bhava, everything seems fair, kind and optimistic! Optional)

21. My positive moments! Three positive things!* 

First. I’ve realized how I can find more spare time studies this week!

Second. My boss increased my salary without asking.

Third. I saw a rainbow!

(State three positive moments that have happened to you since you began to study this course. What is this section for? We are learning to manifest the principle of 'Satisfaction’ or the ability to see positive things in life. This section is about getting an anti-whimpering habit, it is required to fill in.)

22. I want to praise myself! Praise yourself. *

I am glad about myself and feel proud! I helped an elderly lady to cross the street, so this world needs me, it would have been worse without me. Then, I fixed a grout-making concrete mixer on my own, without any help, when I was off-duty. I haven’t told anyone and I won’t. My boss will be so happy. Well done!
(Fight self-pity! Give at least one example from your life since you began this course, of something you can praise yourself for.You must write down the praise to validate it.)

23. My yoga practice:

I spend 30 min to 1 hour 20 min in average practicing yoga every day.

Mantra yoga: Every morning I repeat out loud or silently a powerful mantra from ‘Rigveda’ 108 times. It takes 7 to 12 min.

Hatha yoga: on Tuesdays and Thursdays I try to practice for 45 min in the evening.

Pranayama yoga: 7 minutes a day, inhale with two nostrils; exhale alternating the right and the left one.

(Practice of various kinds of yoga.(optional) If you already do some exercises, you can write here about them. How much time does it take to do them in average?)

24. My questions! *

I have questions:  I have no questions/How do I change my education plan?
(What questions arose as you advanced through the courses? The Curators will try to answer them!)

25. Technical problems. * 

There were no technical problems. I encountered the following technical problems: a) Where? In step № 4. b) What? The video does not open.
(State what technical problems you encountered as you advanced through the course (internet access to the website, site opening speed, etc.) This will help the curators fix them more quickly. If you have suggestions on technical improvements let us know.)

26. What would you change in this course? (optional). 

I would change.  Where? In all text materials. What? I would highlight the most important parts. Why? This would allow better structuring of the material.  What should be done? It is necessary to add extra material after every step of the course.(Errors in the course . What would you change/add/remove from the course? Friends, help us make the courses more polite, welcoming and open to everyone.)

27. Come up with your own section if you want! (optional)

I am out of ideas at the moment. / It might be useful to add section on .................................... on this homework.

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