Meditation through the prism of the axiomatics of yoga.

Meditation theory is as strict as mathematics. Knowing it you can deduce the answers to the most unexpected and difficult questions. Without the theory meditation is just a set of contradictory and sometimes mutually exclusive practices that work for one person but not for the other.

To explain meditation from the position of axiomatic one should recall what we are according to the yogic teaching. Each of us has a body. Now, for example, you are reading this text. Simultaneously you hear and perceive something around. It is all the actions of your senses that dictate to you what to do: close your eyes or plug your ears so you stop seeing or hearing if you do not like something. Or you can immerse yourself in some childhood memories of how you first saw the sea or mountains and completely dissolve mentally in another time, space and disconnect from what is happening around you right now. Therefore, saying that we are here, or our Higher Self is here generally is wrong according to the theory of yoga. Our body is here. We cannot say where our Higher Self is because, according to the yoga axiomatics, our Higher Self is beyond the space and the time. Strictly speaking it is everywhere and in all the times. Our Higher Self is equally present here with this book in hands as well as on Alpha Centauri or on Red Square or God knows where. But there is a certain connection between our Higher Self and our body which is called an associative connection.

What exactly caused my Higher Self to create an associative connection with my body? Why not to some other body or object? The answer is the following: my Higher Self fell into meditation. It meditates on my body. And thanks to meditation an associative relationship is established that makes my body alive and the Higher Self can somehow manifest itself through it. Thus, we are all already in the deepest state of meditation. We meditate on our own bodies.

We have approached the concept of "meditation". From the point of the axiomatics of yoga, meditation is the focusing of our Higher Self on something that is not this Higher Self.

In addition to our physical body, we have subtle and causal bodies and our Higher Self is also connected through associative connections to them.

Associative connection, or link, is an extremely complex thing to explain. It seems to be there, but it does not seem to exist. As soon as an associative relationship arises between the Higher Self and the body, prana, or the life force, starts to flow through it. Prana manifests itself in two aspects: the first one is consciousness, the second is energy.

And right now, you are meditating on your own body and not quite getting why. Because you did not have the experience of "non-meditation" on your body and the present state of things seems natural to you. Moreover, you cannot imagine what could be different. As if our Higher Self was heavy handcuffs or shackles riveted to our body like it is a convict. Even if the guard is distracted, how can this convict with such a heavy load run away? And like this convict, we are chained to what is called "our bodies." And the chain that connects Higher Self to our body is the associative connection through which consciousness and energy flow. Consciousness and energy enliven our body but at the same time, the associative link is a strong rope through which our Higher Self does not allow us to throw consciousness and energy somewhere else. Each of you is a hostage of meditation on your own body. We are completely consumed by it and this process is repeated from life to life. We are so used to this state that it seems to us that there is no other way. From morning till evening, day and night, twenty-four hours a day we are in a very strong state of meditation. First of all, we meditate on our mind. It shows us thoughts, pictures, feelings. We meditate on the things that the screen of our mind shows to our Higher Self and our mind is directly connected with our senses. The associative connection from our "Higher Self" through our mind reaches out to our senses, refracts in them and begins to live and act in this world. It turns out that the mind is an intermediate link.

There is no an evil creature or law that ties our Higher Self to our body. This situation appeared as a continuation of the creation act of the Universe. Everything comes to the moment of the World creation. Another analogy: each of us has built a fortress for self, a perfect prison so that no one escapes. Usually, in Hollywood movies, bad guys always run away. But we have built an ideal prison for ourselves. We entered it, closed it, threw the key out of the window, and sit in it for several billion lives. Now our task is to get out of the perfect prison to surpass ourselves. Sometimes people ask, "What is this all for?" What is this whole world for?" We cannot answer this question accurately, we can only make suggestions, "In order to outdo ourselves."

For a better understanding of our constant state of meditation let us take as an example a person who is watching a TV series. You know some TV series are popular, others are not. One can be watched with pleasure and the other makes you feel sick. But the viewer is so used to TV shows that he cannot even imagine that there is an option not to watch them.

Similarly, we meditate on our own body: we see it going to study or work, earning money, making love, taking part in quarrels and squabbles, spending holidays at the sea or in the mountains. This is our whole life. Sometimes we like what our body does sometimes not. Sometimes we meditate on how the body gets into some kind of good conditions, for example, becomes rich or happy or has some sensual pleasures. Sometimes, on the contrary, it sits in the rain, it feels wet and cold but there is no fire. It turns out that during life our body is experiencing such unpleasant moments a huge number of times and this makes us think and wonder.

While there are interesting shows our TV-viewer does not say, "Let us ban this TV! There are only ads and violence!" But as soon as he becomes dissatisfied with what is being shown he starts to grumble but cannot get off the TV addiction easily.

Similarly, with us. If our life goes smoothly, we run, jump, have fun and do not think about spiritual practices. We need to gain a certain amount of discomfort, survive a certain number of depressions and crashes of hope before we start to think, "Maybe you should not look at this picture of the world?" All our illnesses, disappointments and problems shake us a little. Otherwise, we would be absorbed by the life of our body as by a good movie. Paradoxically and at the same time sadly that a person gets really interested in meditation when he or she does not like something in life. Because someone who likes everything in life does not need something else, the meditation on life is already wonderful.

It seems to us that we are dependent on external factors, “I have food, so I feel well. But if I have not eaten for a long time it seems to me that I feel bad.” As if the essence of our Higher Self can increase or decrease depending on the food we eat. There are always factors coming to us from outside and we sometimes unconsciously believe that we are dependent on them. If tomorrow we are presented with a new Mercedes-Benz, we think we will be happy, and if not, we will be unhappy. We mistakenly transfer the point of existence to the things in which there is no basis. The manifested Absolute is always in the understanding that everything depends on it, but it does not depend on anything and we do not yet fully have this awareness.

Let us return to the TV shows watcher. For each channel, there are five or six TV series a day. Imagine a man who is obsessed with serials. Here he sits in his chair in front of the TV, one TV series is over and the other has begun. It would be better for him to stand up and have some activity but instead, he is saying, "No, no, I'm interested. I will continue to sit. "

Now imagine the TV show on for twenty-four hours. It captured the man absolutely, and so it goes, day by day, year by year, and over time the person forgot that there was something beyond this show. He cannot just go somewhere, he is completely involved in that TV show. The same situation is with our Self. Our Self is looking at something that shows a mirror of our mind for so long that forgets that you can have a look somewhere in the other direction. Thus, each of us is in a state of original meditation. Indeed, it happens to every living being, not only to man, but also to a dog and a cat, and a speck of dust, and cockroaches, and microbe. Wherever there is Self, wherever there is a body, wherever the body and Self are connected, wherever there is an associative link - everywhere is meditation.

How did it happen that each of us made an associative link to his body? Why did it happen?

To answer these questions, it is necessary to disturb jnana yoga a little, the section of the creation of the world, no more, no less. So, before we get the body of a man, we passed a series of lives in the bodies of animals. And every time our Self drew an associative link to the body of the animal. And before that, as we are living in the bodies of animals, we were drawn associative links to even more primitive bodies or forms: viruses, bacteria, single-cells, crystals, some transitional forms between explicitly and implicitly wildlife. The associative link of the Self, not self-realized, can catch any phenomenon or object: a boulder, a waterfall, a planet. We live, and we are used to that living being is what it is, that its body is like we have, or like a cockroach or a cat, to run and proliferate. However, for example, crystals: can you call them living or non-living? From the standpoint of yoga, it's just an intermediate form of life. Such a Self, that very weakly manifests itself, associates itself with this crystal, and before that, maybe, it binds itself to an atom or a molecule. That is, before we got a luck to associate ourselves with the human bodies, we have come a long chain of evolution, when we linked ourselves to an elementary particle, to an atom, a molecule, to a stone, a crystal, a bacterium, a cockroach, to a dog, a monkey. It's an evolutionary plane of our issue.

How did it all come from? It appeared at the time of the formation of our whole world. Suddenly one morning the Self was formed. Rather, the Self was formed at the moment of creation and division. According to jnana yoga, our Self is a part of the Absolute. One fine morning or one fine evening the Absolute divided itself into pieces. Each piece was our Self. For a moment, there was a piece of the Absolute, separated from the whole, with the ability of Will, with the ability of Consciousness, with the ability of Energy. The first thing he did, he took his consciousness and energy, and tied to any object, depending on the extent of its growth. Thus, he began to consider himself the attribute of Consciousness and the attribute of Energy; that means, attributes of Consciousness and Energy are a consequence of our Self, but not the cause. At the moment of creation, elementary Atma, our individual soul started to identify itself with Energy. You know that even the atom is a form of energy. All matter is a form of energy. The issue is that with each of the following life and death, the Self associates itself with bigger volume of Consciousness and Energy.

Let's define the concept of "Atma" so that we do not fall into verbal traps. In yoga, each individual Self is called "Atma", from the same word as "atom" - indivisible. Each of us has his own Atma and it is individual. Otherwise, there would be no law of karma. If we would have the same Self, it means that guy over there did a crime, and you'll take the rap for it! The law of cause and effect says that we have individual Self, but all our Selves are an integral part of some whole. One Atman expressed his will to appear in one way, another in different way, and their activities were not programmed. We see this surge in various manifestations in this part of space and time. On mother Earth, came Atmas with about the same prehistory. This is our common karma. We can not even think of which way initial Atman will go since the moment of creation. We went on this journey. But we are all united in the Absolute. In other words, as the Christians say, we are all "brothers and sisters in Christ." It is more profound terms than it seems at first glance.

We are inextricably linked to the Supreme. We are a part of it.

Here we encounter the border theme: the theme of infinity, the theme of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. It would seem, what can we say about it, or what can we think? Newton began to reflect on the theme of the infinitely large and the infinitely small and turned out the differential-integral calculus. After that, the development of all of our science and civilization followed. Here, for example, there is infinitesimal. And if you add two infinitesimal together, how much it will be? Again infinitesimal. And if we add up five infinitesimal, how much you get? Again infinitesimal. And if we take an infinite number of infinitely small? What do you get? There are already options. And the options that reveal to us the door to the secrets of the Universe. No wonder they say that mathematics is the language in which the Lord God speaks to humanity. Axiomatic yoga, on the one hand, is accurate, and on the other hand, is the same deep and beyond, as the higher mathematics. It is very difficult to speculate on the concepts of "Atma", "Absolute" and "associative links." These terms seem to be clear, and sometimes they even seem trivial, but at the same time, they are elusive, non-obvious. But if they are wisely used in meditation, if you get them to interact, then here sometimes doors in secret disclosed.

For example, yoga gives a lot of exceptional abilities. At the end of the treatise "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali", they are all listed and described. For example, the ability to travel throughout the Universe outside the body. You already know that our Self is connected to the body by means of association, but on the other hand, our Self is in every corner of the Universe. And we need simply to redirect it, that is to break the unnecessary connection with the body and establish a new association with the place where we want to go.

In addition, you can set associative links to something higher in your activity, in your creativity, in your work. In terms of the axiomatic of yoga, the immortal work of art, and mediocre "spotting" are just a combination of Consciousness and Energy. The only difference between them is that the first inspires us, and the second is not. The art has an associative link to some infinite, some higher. From some of the pictures, music, poems, we are getting better, finer, deeper; others, even similar, leads us nowhere. Why? Recently programmers have written a program that writes in the style of Dostoevsky. If it sets a task to write a great text, novel, and sets the parameters of the plot, you can get about the same, looks very similar to the result of Dostoevsky. But a small component is disappeared, it is an associative link, which have "pushed" to the higher. At first glance, there is everything, consciousness and energy, but only one consciousness and energy are shown, so that makes us free, while others do not lead us anywhere. And just what makes us free, we feel like something beautiful. And those which do not lead anywhere, do not apply to us, or cause disgust.

The question arises: how to learn to control your associative links?

Now you have a sense of your body, your being, your existence, and you got used to it. In your early childhood, the feeling of your being was one, now it may be another, in old age will be the third. This is a different reaction to the original meditation that connects you with your body. When you begin to meditate on another object or phenomenon so much, you can get used to these objects or phenomena that are starting to feel it with your essence, your body, your Higher Self. You forget about your own being as a person, forget all your thoughts, concerns, everything and fully look at the world through the prism of the meditation, you are driving. By meditating on the nature, suddenly you become the nature yourself. Meditating on an object, a crystal, you become this crystal. You begin to meditate on the gust of wind, and you attain the state of the wind. So, you pull out an association link of yourself and redirect it to the object or phenomenon which you are meditating. The implication of this is very serious. You begin to manage the object or phenomenon, which meditate.

We are free, or, in other words, we are powerful, but do not know about it. And, accordingly, we cannot use our omnipotence. It comes from the fundamental ignorance and the origin of the world. Our Self instead of understanding that it is free and omnipotent, begins to identify itself with its manifestations. As if a person considers himself as his own shadow. Shadow is the manifestation, and the source is the human body. Imagine a situation where a person considers himself as his shadow. The association link is due to the illusory idea when we consider one thing to something else. Between these two things occurs a link.

On the other hand, try to disturb your senses. For example, in the subway someone stepped on your leg painfully, or you are going to the dentist with a sick tooth. On the one hand, we are yogis and realize that our Self is not connected with our body. It is as if by itself. On the other hand, when a tooth hurts, all thoughts of philosophy emerge, and we run to the doctor. Everything is quite logical and vital.

Then begins an interesting transition. If you understand it, you will realize a huge number of yogic practices. If you do not understand, you are confusing and likely to spit on yoga and say, "Something is wrong here." Now, the association link is not satisfied with senses and can reach out further to the object or phenomenon to which our senses are directed.

Here is an example of a case with TV series. A person, who for a long time watching his favorite TV series, begins to live in there. If the heroes of the series are well, he rejoices, if something goes wrong, he grieves. And the consequences of this are very specific, down to the physical parameters. Remember, how an interesting film captures. Here, a character of a melodrama has some problem happened, and our man has a heart rate up, the adrenaline is thrown. People cry watching the drama, laugh at comedies and afraid to sleep after a horror movie. Although, if you look - what happens? A picture is changing X-time per second. In fact, it is something artificial. But our brain perceives it as a continuous action, as a life itself. Moreover, absorbed in it as if it were the really happened, it begins to live together with or instead of heroes. Most interesting is that between a man and the TV series, which he watches, there is an associative link. So, between him and the TV series, which he is watching, Prana or his life force begins to flow. Moreover, where does it flow to? Figuratively speaking, "into the TV."

How to make the Self see something else other than its body? My Self is absorbed into my body and do not know that it can look left-right, up-down or even turn away from the body. I have the feeling that here it is - I am a piece of cloth and a bunch of ideas and create the illusion that I am not the Higher Self which is very high and does not depend of anything, neither the body nor the mind nor from thinking. So, like cures like. Self is initially absorbed in meditation on its own body, and I start with the help of meditation to shift a part of this association of my Self to another subject.

For example, a scientist opens a new stage in the development of, for example, physics, displays formulas. And for a while he is so focused on his new brainchild that forgets about his body and begins to identify more with the formulas that writes. A man in such a state can forget about eating, sleeping, friends. He forgets about everything, he is entirely in his work. Thus, he pulls from his body an association link and sends it to another object or phenomenon. And the more he throws an association link to something else, the less it is still attached to the body and mind. And at this time the internal "hands" that hold all the problems, slowly start to decompress, and, oddly enough, sometimes the problems suddenly solved by themselves. This is the ability to let the situation go, it comes to a person only in the case if a person is able to meditate and forgets about himself.

Primal meditation makes us a bad joke. It binds us as a convict, to our body and mind. To loosen this connection, we need to learn how to meditate and independently, on our own, to carry an association link to another object or phenomenon. And the deeper the meditation goes, the more we are able to control our own body and mind. Moreover, many hidden features, enclosed in body and mind, begin to open. While we so spasmodically grabbed them, they are not disclosed. And only we let the situation go, something above-higher is starting to grow spontaneously. Thus, "meditation" is the process of transferring association link to any object or phenomenon.

There is one very serious thing, which does not allow us to meditate on our own Self: we have no idea of it. For example, I think of my Self, I have a lump of sensations, feelings, thoughts, ideas. For someone it is coarser, for others - subtler or more abstract. However, this is only a conception, but not my own Self. We cannot meditate on our Self, because we have nothing to compare it with, there is nothing to catch. This is the cornerstone of meditation. Even in the nightmare, or in the delightful dreams of ourselves, we do not experience the feeling of the Self, because it is much higher than this, the above thoughts and above any idea of it.

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