Conditions of Practicing Pranayama Yoga

Now we proceed to the science of Pranayama yoga. The very first thing to realize starting Pranayama yoga practice is to realize that if there is no harmony, no pranayama can be performed. It is the same in any kind of yoga.

Doing any yoga exercise, you must enjoy it or enjoy overcoming yourself. Lack of joy means disharmony, which will not allow you to tune in to a certain resonance with your own prana. If there is no resonance, you do not understand how to strengthen or weaken the effect of certain trends within your body. Therefore, remember: harmony, harmony, and harmony once again.


To achieve it, you need to try to remove everything that is unharmonious - outside and inside. Pranayama requires us to reach for natural conditions in order to become aware of our natural condition. In fact, if you live in very narrow rooms very high above the ground where everything is compressed, just concrete and steel, it is unnatural and inharmonious condition for life. If you start to learn Pranayama in such conditions, willingly or unwillingly, you will encounter difficulties.

At the same time, if you live close to ground, you have your area, or you can go somewhere in nature, the countryside, where everything is beautiful, natural and harmonious, there you will not encounter these negative moments in learning Pranayama yoga. If there is any opportunity to perform pranayama yoga outside, in nature, on the earth, not in the sky on the 20th floor but on the ground, you should do it in a natural environment. Then you will not face many difficulties, such as mustiness of air and so on. Unfortunately, we do not even realize what a price we pay for life in modern civilization. At first glance, our comfortable apartments, elevators, our overcrowding are helping to save money for our life, but on the other hand, we are paying for it with prana. No miracles here: saving on one thing we have to pay extra for something else.

In Pranayama yoga, there is also a downside and a very tough one: after initial elevation and inflow of energy you may become very sensitive, for some time you could react with a lot of pain to even the slightest trouble. Any sound could seem unpleasant and loud. Therefore, in ancient times, yogis were inclined to lead a solitary life. They lived alone (remember we talked about this in the beginning) or if they were practicing partner yoga they were not communicating with anyone from outside, because they were so sensitive that felt physical pain to communicate with external society. They considered society too loud, too thicken. You walk down the street and everything seems fine, but then you begin practicing Pranayama, and become more sensitive, and the stench on the street gets horrible, all around can seem annoying. This is another feature of Pranayama yoga, and if you do not comply with the principle of the place, it will become more irritable. If you practice outside nature smoothes it. For practicing Pranayama yoga Location is very important.


Second condition is food, nutrition. If you eat normal balanced food, all your metabolic processes are functioning naturally. But if you start eating modern food of unknown origin, made of sublimated, refined products containing lots of preservatives, flavor enhancers etc., then, want it or not, you "knock down" the internal configuration of the body.

Indeed, our body can react quite ambiguous to such a substance as a sugar substitute, because there is still a connection between the taste buds and the response of various glands of certain digestive system of our body. Imagine you eat a sugar substitute. Body expects a dose of carbohydrates, but there is none! It is unclear how your internal structure will react. The same is true with regard to flavor enhancers, all kinds of preservatives that do not allow digesting food. And you realize that you live with E. coli, its sometimes reaches 5 kg. In fact, you are not just one person but a symbiosis of man and a huge number of microorganisms. They are tiny, primitive, but if they are removed from your life, you just die. And how these organisms will react to this sublimated refined food we just do not know. Even though it is said that this food is not dangerous but there is insufficient time to bring such conclusions. Therefore, if someone tells you about the safety of the product, what kind of security can we talk about if this product was used only by 1-2 generations? It can suddenly show a negative effect on the third, fourth or fifth. Unfortunately, modern civilization brings us many problems and we do not know how strongly it affects the internal harmony of our digestion, sensations, etc.

Therefore, if you are beginning your practice of Pranayama yoga, try to eat natural food as much as possible. Let this be a more primitive food, let it be cereal porridge, that is, something still non-chemical. Avoid ready-made food. Even if you are not able to eat natural food all the time, make it the major part of your diet; and at least some part of your food would be clean. It is also prescribed to eat melted butter (ghee). If it is too difficult for you, then eat whatever you ate before, but listen to your body and keep track of the slightest discomfort that arises. Do yoga practice and then eat. If you feel uncomfortable, consider what product may give this response. Gradually, you will figure out your own diet. Only your personal experience tells you what to eat, and what not to eat. In this respect, yoga tells us what is good to eat and what is not, but basically everyone creates own diet. Food is a very serious thing, but at the same time take it easier. Food should not be a cult. Also your diet preferences my changed based on season, your personal practice, health, level of activity, individual needs, etc. But remember, if you neglect the diet, you cannot catch the inner harmony. The process of digestion may distract you. Just one thing - if you practice intensive Pranayama, it is completely necessary to avoid eating onion and garlic in any way. All other things are individual. Sometimes, it is better to eat a piece of raw meat, than this supposedly vegetarian food, which is even worse. Only your inner voice and your inner feelings will tell the truth. Onion and garlic stimulate the vital processes in the body. Practicing Pranayama, you stimulate the same processes, but in other ways. You get an overload of two extremes. Spices are individual matter. Different people, different constitutions, different lifestyles. There are some general rules, you can find in almost any book you read about clean diet, yoga nutrition and food. You still have to develop your own diet. With different yoga practices you will develop sense to tell. Just listen to yourself! Take other suggestions carefully.

Avoid preservatives. There are substances that are added to foods. After that, milk (if we can call it milk) can be kept in the refrigerator for six months keeping the taste. Normal milk keeps fresh for two or three days, and then it turns sour. What does it mean, if not? That something has been added. These substances may not affect an average person, not obviously and in shortterm. However, for the person, engaged in Pranayama, as sensitivity is sharpened, the effect is very substantial. Improper food would nullify all your efforts. Harmony with the outside world, harmony with the food supply process.

Body treatment and information flow

You should be also very careful about taking care of the cleanliness of your body. Hydrotherapy treatments are extremely welcome. Try to avoid the entire disharmonious environment. That is to avoid disharmonious people, media. Stop watching or listening to unnecessary shows, visiting unnecessary web sites, reading unnecessary, destructive, unbalancing news and books. You should control the information as carefully as you control your food. Otherwise, inharmonious information will start to shoot down all of your exercises in Pranayama. Moreover, Pranayama is the harmony, first of all.

If you keep in mind the principle of harmony and wherever life collides you with inharmonic, you try to avoid it, and then you will master Pranayama easily. If you neglect these moments, you can be seriously and permanently stuck.

Yet it must be remembered that we are hostages of our karma, both positive and negative. So remember, there are no ideal places to live or ideal living conditions. Choose the best from what you have now. Remember the saying, "Use what is at hand and do not look for something else". This is a universal rule. There will never be perfect moment to do something, make the one you have perfect. There will never be more perfect moment to start than now. Do not waste time; do not wait, because waiting could be just your subtle negative karma. The first step is the most difficult one. So short guide for the beginner is “TO BEGIN”. Let these yoga materials be your inspiration and friend on your way!

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