Your personal yoga tutor 

Your personal yoga tutor on the site

If you would like to have affordable personal yoga tutor via internet and to receive yoga lessons on-line then we can help you. Your yoga classes may be both practical and theoretical.

The duration of one yoga lesson is 90 minutes and it will cost 29€ if you buy monthly subscription of 4 yoga classes. Beforehand you will have one yoga introductory consulting for 30 minutes to create the individual plan for your future studies based on your previous experience, yoga knowledge as well as your wishes and styles of yoga you would like to practice. The price of this lesson is 15€.

If you wish to have single yoga lesson then the price is 35€/90 minutes.

In order to sign up for the private yoga lessons on-line please write to indicating in the subject „Yoga tutor for on-line student”.

You may choose your on-line yoga tutor at any time of your studies. Until then please continue studying the courses on the site The more courses you will have completed the higher becomes your status at the International Open Yoga University and due to limited resources we will primarily work with these people.

Also follow the updates and announcements on the sites and

Last modified: Tuesday, 20 April 2021, 6:32 PM