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About International Open Yoga University

For those who are interested in yoga seriously

International Open Yoga University - is an innovative educational project for the saving and distribution of the cultural heritage of ancient yoga teaching. It allows everyone, regardless of race, nationality, gender, place of residence, philosophical or religious affiliation to study the theory and practice of the disappearing science of yoga. We use the modern achievements of science and technology during the learning process. At the moment, there are Free Online Yoga Courses available and there anyone as astudent-free listener can remotely study the theory of yoga from the very basics. The whole theory is given in sequence from simple to complex, and it set out in simple, straightforward language. Teachers and supervisors of the University choose the most sincere, strong, brave, bright, talented, dedicated yoga people and provide them the opportunity to undergo special training to become Teachers and yoga Instructor. Special training courses for Teachers lasts 4 years.

First step to be admitted for the future training is to undergo our online classes and pass all requirements (home works, tests, interviews etc.). After the studies our Instructors and Teachers will be able to offer at least five kinds of yoga:

  • Хаттттттха (если я не хочу, чтобы гугл-переводчик написал "Хатха")!!!
  • Kriya,
  • Mantra,
  • Pranayama,
  • Meditation.

All graduates are excellent practitioners and work in various places around the world. For the practical study of yoga instructors and university teachers held:

  • Group practice/classes on Hatha yoga, Kriya yoga, Pranayama yoga and Mantra yoga.. Our Instructors and Teachers offer classes in various places of the world. However, at the moment we are mostly working on the Internet to bring yoga to you as close as possible by all means in a distance of one click.
  • Individual lessons for those who wish to pursue an individual program. Also available on-line Skype lessons.
  • Theoretical classes of yoga, where you can study the theory and get answers to your questions about yoga.
  • It is possible to visit the in-depth theoretical and practical workshops and retreats. For all events and activities you do not require special preparation, the main thing is the desire to practice yoga.

Follow our updated information to be the first to be informed about the news! Our organization is constantly growing and developing. Talented students and graduates organize innovative projects to distribute the knowledge of yoga. We all like a one big friendly family, regardless of where we live.

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